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Transformative Collaboration

Five Commitments for Leading a Professional Learning Community

By: Tonia Flanagan, Gavin Grift, Kylie Lipscombe, Colin Sloper, Janelle Wills

Explore five collaboration-based commitments that will help you build a professional learning community (PLC) that provides the best possible avenues of learning to students. This resource will help you enhance your school improvement efforts and strengthen your skills as an educator.

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A school improvement resource for enhancing collaboration in a professional learning community (PLC)

Every school strives to better itself so that it can better its students. In Transformative Collaboration, the authors dive deep into one of the strongest strategies for school improvement—the PLC process. You will explore five collaboration-based commitments—from gaining clarity to building trust—that will ultimately help you build and sustain a PLC that provides the best possible avenues of learning to students.

  • Commit to collaboration and use the five commitments to transform your school
  • Understand what it means to be a PLC
  • Find the courage to lead the process
  • Build a climate of trust
  • Shape school structures for success
  • Create clarity in collaboration

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Product Code: BKB017, EKB010

ISBN: 9781951075996

“Moving schools from PLC Lite (dipping their toe into the water) to PLC Right (diving headfirst into the pool) requires significant cultural shifts. The authors quickly close the know-doing-being gap in this one-of-a-kind book about professional learning communities by helping the reader dive headfirst into the PLC process. Common language, common knowledge, and common expectations are critical for educators within school to move the organization in the same direction. Each chapter ensures clarity and practicality of use with key actions, reflections, and the all-important insights from the field, in which the readers hear directly from educators who have embraced the PLC process. These three elements help will ensure that schools deeply embed the PLC process into the heart of their culture.

“The authors challenge the traditional status quo of compliant-centric schools to learning-focused schools where adult and student learning are paramount to their success. They argue and demonstrate why creating the conditions, the culture and structures, for educators within the building to learn from and with each other is critical in order to ensure high levels of learning for students. This book should be a must-read for educators in New Zealand, Australia, and in every part of our world who are serious about improving our profession in order to provide all students with the education they will need to thrive today and throughout the 21st century.

“The checklist in each chapter helps teams assess their current reality and at the same time celebrate progress on this never ending journey of learning and school improvement.”

Brian K. Butler, consultant and former principal, Mason Crest Elementary School, Virginia

“A super user-friendly book that guides PLC teams and leaders through five commitments that every team needs to take to ensure that collaboration brings about the cultural and structural changes needed to guarantee high levels of learning for all. These commitments are broken down into action steps with specific and tangible examples, reflections, and case studies that guide the reader through the important steps in the process. PLC novices and experts alike will take away invaluable ideas as they continually improve their process to enhance teaching and learning. There is no doubt that leading the change required to have a high-functioning professional learning community requires immense courage, Transformative Collaboration will embolden leaders with the tools necessary to begin this important transition.”

Brad Neuendorf, principal, Lander Valley High School, Wyoming

“This is it! This is the book I wished I would have had as a guide to transforming a school to a professional learning community. For all educators and leaders who want to unite to give their students the best, this book is loaded with information on how to impact student learning by creating a culture of collaboration. After reading this book, I realized how far we have come, but also learned a lot about how we can improve. This book will be read again and again, so many ideas for wherever a school may be in the transformation to give students the best. Many examples were given throughout the book on structures that need to be in place, struggles that are common, and ways to combat those struggles.”

Tricia Marvel-Brickner, principal, Jefferson Elementary School, Indiana