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Inside PLCs at Work®

Your Guided Tour Through One District’s Successes, Challenges, and Celebrations

By: Casey Reason, Craig Dougherty

Learn how the PLC process works and see the best PLC practices in action. Using a real-world PLC school district as an example, the authors will prepare you to make the professional learning community model work for your school or district.

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How Effective Professional Learning Communities Work

Inside PLCs at Work® takes readers on a journey to Sheridan County School District 2, a district in Wyoming that has built a professional learning community (PLC) to great success. Using Sheridan as a real-world example, authors Casey Reason and Craig Dougherty help educators develop a deep, nuanced understanding of the PLC at Work process and how PLCs work, preparing them in successfully implementing the PLC process in their own schools.

Follow one school’s journey to implement the professional learning community model:

  • Learn the foundational concepts and qualities of professional learning communities, such as the three big ideas and four guiding questions.
  • Deepen your comprehension of how PLC works by learning about Sheridan County School District 2’s journey.
  • Utilize this book’s appendices to access other real-world examples of effective PLC schools.
  • Learn how the best PLC schools fully implement the PLC process for the greatest benefit possible.
  • Supplement your learning of the PLC model with free online reproducibles.

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Product Code: BKF849

ISBN: 9781947604421

Published By: Solution Tree

Inside PLCs at Work® is both practical and authentic. If you hope to create a school where teachers love to work and where students are treated respectfully each and every day, this is the book for you.”

Bob Sornson; author; founder, Early Learning Foundation, Michigan

“This book is packed with powerful examples of the possibilities inherent in the work of PLCs. By describing the what and how of PLCs, this text will help educators discover, or in some cases rediscover, their why.”

Jeffery L. Williams; president, Reading Recovery Council of North America; K–12 literacy coach and Reading Recovery teacher leader, Solon City Schools, Ohio

“Craig Dougherty and Casey Reason have written an inspiring book that reflects significant depths of knowledge, experience, and capability in the field of professional learning communities. I thoroughly recommend this book to practitioners who seek to learn from instances where using PLCs has transformed schools.”

Bob Wright, developer, Math Recovery®

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