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Proficiency Scales for the New Science Standards

A Framework for Science Instruction and Assessment

By: Robert J. Marzano, David C. Yanoski, Diane E. Paynter

Align instruction and assessment with the new science standards, and create proficiency scales to plan all types of lessons.

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Proficiency Scales for the New Science Standards

Transform an in-depth understanding of the new science standards into successful classroom practice. Youll learn how to align instruction and assessment with the science standards and create proficiency scales that can be used to plan all types of lessons. Discover hundreds of ready-to-use proficiency scales derived from the Next Generation Science Standards that are applicable to specific areas of science instruction.

  • Explore how standards-based science education has evolved.
  • Understand how the NGSS are organized and how they can be used in classroom instruction.
  • Integrate 21st century thinking and reasoning into instruction of the NGSS.
  • Develop high-quality common assessments based on the new science standards.
  • Design student-specific learning goals and proficiency standards using the NGSS.
  • Access hundreds of ready-to-use science proficiency scales.

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Product Code: BKL031

ISBN: 9780990345893

Published By: Marzano Resources

Page Count: 160

“Implementing any new standards can be an arduous and difficult task for educators, especially when it comes to assessment. The authors provide concrete strategies on how to apply and score the Next Generation Science Standards to ensure successful implementation.”

Eric Sheninger, senior fellow, International Center for Leadership in Education

“This book provides a very practical and comprehensive approach for combining the three-dimensional learning of the content and process of the science standards with much-needed measurement and proficiency scales. This will be a well-used book by STEM-focused science teachers.”

Mary Gromko, science educator

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