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Mindset for Success

The Powerful Partnership of Problem-Based Learning and PLC at Work®

By: Terry Goodin, Heather K. Dillard

Build a mindset for collaborative learning using the problem-based learning approach. With a guided plan and scenarios designed to facilitate a shift in thinking, leaders and teacher teams will walk away feeling mentally prepared to navigate the PLC process.

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Format: Paperback

Create collaborative teams with a problem-based learning mindset

When educators believe they are capable of overcoming challenges and that their work matters, they make a lasting impact on students’ academic success. Using a problem-based learning (PBL) approach, the authors equip teachers with guided PBL scenarios to facilitate a shift in thinking so they feel mentally prepared to adopt a growth mindset and commit to the professional learning community (PLC) process.

This book will help K–12 school leaders, teacher leaders, trainers, and administrators:

  • Apply the PBL method to the PLC process through the use of guided PBL scenarios
  • Adopt a growth mindset with tips on making each thinking shift
  • Utilize the “Think This, Do This” approach to ease the transition to a collaborative PLC
  • Build collaboration, will, and skill with numerous tools and strategies
  • Honor and trust their team members and the PLC process

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ISBN: 9781958590577

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