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Ken O'Connor

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  1. Ahead of the Curve

    Ahead of the Curve

    The Power of Assessment to Transform Teaching and Learning

    Edited by: Douglas Reeves

    Contributors: Larry Ainsworth, Lisa Almeida, Anne Davies, Richard DuFour, Linda Gregg, Thomas R. Guskey, Robert J. Marzano, Ken O'Connor, Douglas Reeves, Rick Stiggins, Stephen White, Dylan Wiliam

    Leaders in education contribute their perspectives on effective assessment design and implementation, sending out a call for redirecting assessment to improve student achievement and inform instruction.



  2. The Last Frontier

    The Last Frontier

    Tackling the Grading Dilemma

    By: Ken O'Connor

    Ken outlines eight fundamental grading guidelines to create a standards-based grading system that is meaningful, consistent, and supportive of learning.

    Regular Price: USD$195.00

    Special Price: USD$97.50


  3. The School Leader's Guide to Grading

    The School Leader's Guide to Grading

    By: Ken O'Connor

    Ensure your schools grading procedures are supportive of learning, accurate, meaningful, and consistent. Improve effectiveness in supporting assessment and communicating student achievement.

    Regular Price: USD$26.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


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