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Got Data? Now What? BESTSELLER

Creating and Leading Cultures of Inquiry

By: Laura Lipton, Bruce Wellman

With survey questions, group work structures, strategies, and more, this compelling guide will help school teams efficiently gather, interpret, and utilize school data.

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Got Data? Now What?

Explore three defining challenges that school teams face when gathering, interpreting, and utilizing school data. Complete with survey questions for efficient data collection, suggested group work structures, strategies, and tools—along with essential definitions and descriptions of data types—this compelling guide will help you confront data obstacles to turn struggling committees into powerful communities of learners.

  • Apply each chapter's content with the Exercise Your Learning sections.
  • Learn more about each chapter's topic in the Extend Your Learning sections, which suggest additional websites and resources.
  • Discover relevant, team-related anecdotes in each chapter's Data Story.

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Product Code: BKF530

ISBN: 9781936765034

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 144

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