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Best Practices at Tier 2

Supplemental Interventions for Additional Student Support, Secondary

By: Bob Sonju, Sharon V. Kramer, Mike Mattos, Austin Buffum

Support struggling students with powerful RTI (or MTSS) Tier 2 instruction and intervention strategies. A companion to Best Practices at Tier 1, this book guides educators through the implementation of Tier 2 of response to intervention in secondary schools.

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RTI Tier 2 Intervention Strategies for Secondary Schools

Research is conclusive: response to intervention (RTI) is the best way to intervene when students struggle in school. Also known as a multitiered system of support (MTSS), the RTI process ensures every student receives the additional time and support needed for academic success. A companion to Best Practices at Tier 1, this guide provides secondary educators with fundamental principles, practices, and tools for implementing effective Tier 2 intervention strategies.

The RTI at Work™ inverted pyramid is designed to continually focus a school’s collective attention and resources to a single point: the individual child.

Access to an essential grade-level curriculum that embeds ongoing monitoring for all students

Immediate and targeted behavior and academic interventions systematically applied and monitored for any students not mastering the core curriculum

Intensive interventions and remediation focused on closing gaps in learning

Your guide to implementing Tier 2 of response to intervention in secondary schools:

  • Understand the challenges facing schools, and consider why educators need to change their thinking.
  • Receive proven, practical strategies and tools for implementing Tier 2 instruction and interventions.
  • Discover the foundational principles of effective educational practices.
  • Identify the roles of teacher, leadership, and intervention teams, and understand why they are essential to the intervention system.
  • Gain tips for determining student-learning levels and how to move student learning forward.
  • Review structures and schedules that build time in the school day to support students who need interventions.
  • Utilize teacher teams and the 4 Critical Questions of the PLC at Work® framework to ensure all students master essential curriculum.

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Product Code: BKF715

ISBN: 9781942496847

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 152

Best Practices at Tier 2 is an outstanding educational resource, focusing on the foundational principles of effective schoolwide intervention systems. The authors make a compelling case for the why behind the need for targeted interventions and simplify the difference between levels of support. Furthermore, the detailed descriptions, strategies, and real-world scenarios make this book the difference maker! It is a must-read for all transformational leaders.”

Brad Baker, principal, Shorecliffs Middle School, California

“In Best Practices at Tier 2, the authors have done a fantastic job explaining the struggles and mistakes schools make with Tier 2 implementation, which sets the stage for solutions. It provides clear strategies that schools can implement right away to help undo those mistakes. Each chapter ends with an invaluable resource, a rubric that allows teams to self-reflect on each of the concepts to truly assess their strengths and areas for growth. This is a much-needed resource to help schools implement an effective RTI model by focusing specifically on Tier 2 interventions.”

Jasmine K. Kullar, assistant superintendent, Cobb County School District, Georgia

“In Best Practices at Tier 2, authors Sonju, Kramer, Mattos, and Buffum have developed a powerful resource that provides clarity for the why, how, and what of systematic interventions. It shifts the focus from the common challenge of when do we find the time to why we need the time and what teams must do to make the time meaningful for all learners. Each chapter offers a compelling case for why we need change and provides tools and resources to evaluate current practices and establish actions steps to move forward. For secondary schools seeking to truly function as a system that is clear and committed to ensuring all students master the skills most essential for learning and life, this book provides the framework for action, from talking about what we know to doing what needs to be done.”

Dave LaRose, coach, consultant, presenter, and speaker

“In Best Practices at Tier 2, authors Sonju, Kramer, Mattos, and Buffum do an incredible job of digging deeper into the RTI process, specifically focusing on Tier 2 interventions and strategies. With RTI/MTSS as a national mandate, this book should be on the desk of every educator who wants to ensure all students learn at high levels. This valuable resource provides the why behind what educators need to do as well as the tools and strategies for how to provide the extra support all learners need.”

Scott A.Cunningham, principal, Olentangy Orange Middle School, Ohio