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 PLC at Work® LIVE Institute
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  1. Time for Change Portable Event Package

    Virtual Event |  Now through Dec 31, 2021

    In our Time for Change Portable Event Package, Anthony Muhammad and Luis Cruz provide school leaders with the necessary tools to bring out the best in both faculty and students to create an environment where parents are pleased to send their children to school.


    Seats available

  2. Response to Intervention at Work™ Virtual Workshop: A Live 2-Day Event with Mike Mattos

    Virtual Event |  October 5 & October 12, 2021

    Presenters: Mike Mattos

    Discover how to build and sustain a schoolwide or districtwide RTI program that is efficient, effective, and equitable.


    Seats available

  3. Behavior Solutions: A Practical Roadmap for SEL Success in All Tiers Virtual Workshop

    Virtual Event |  October 13 & October 20, 2021

    Fostering positive behavior and SEL by utilizing the PLC at Work® and RTI at Work™ processes will boost your school’s positive school culture, increase attendance, improve behavior, prepare students for life, and address inequities in school discipline. This workshop is designed to create a practical roadmap for meeting the needs of the whole child.


    Seats available

  4. Teams: The Engine That Drives a Professional Learning Community at Work® Virtual Workshop, A Live 2-Day event with Janel Keating

    Virtual Event |  October 14 & October 21, 2021

    Presenters: Janel Keating

    This two-day virtual workshop will highlight what leaders and teams do to improve their professional practice in an effort to help more kids learn at higher levels.


    Seats available

  5. Grading From the Inside Out Virtual Workshop: A Live 2-Day Event with Tom Schimmer

    Virtual Event |  October 26 & November 2, 2021

    Presenters: Tom Schimmer

    This workshop is focused on the practices and processes that will modernize grading and reporting systems to be more aligned to our standards-based instructional paradigm.


    Seats available

  6. Yes We Can! An Unprecedented Opportunity to Improve Special Education Outcomes Virtual Workshop: A Live 2-Day Event with Heather Friziellie

    Virtual Event |  October 27 & November 3

    Presenters: Heather Friziellie

    As states adopt more rigorous academic standards, schools must determine how to ensure all students—including English learners, children with special needs, children from poverty, and children facing trauma—learn at the highest levels. During this virtual training, general and special educators will discover how to utilize PLC best practices to develop collaborative partnerships, close achievement gaps, and maximize learning for all.


    Seats available