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75-Minute Professional Learning Sessions Designed to Maximize Your Time

We’ve listened to educators like you and understand that you are seeking answers to your most urgent questions about keeping kids engaged in hybrid or remote learning. We also know that you are busier than ever before and don’t have contiguous time dedicated to professional learning.

That’s why we created our 75-Minute Immediate Impact Institutes to provide meaningful guidance within a time that works with your schedule. These tailored-for-you virtual professional learning sessions deliver insights and learning outcomes to address the challenges facing educators during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Each 75-minute session is led by a leading expert in the topic, so the knowledge and insights offered are exceptional. Best of all, you can access the learning at any time for up to 60 days after content activation.


Your easy next steps:

  • Review each of our 75-minute virtual learning institutes and select the sessions you want to attend by clicking the Add to Cart button for each session. To get the best value, select the Distance Learning Bundle by clicking the Add to Cart button; You get access to ten sessions for the price of four!
  • Finish selecting your sessions and click the shopping cart icon at the top to place your order. We’ll send you your activation(s) via email, so you can access the virtual learning sessions at your convenience. You’ll have 60 days to participate and complete your learning experiences on your own schedule.

Session Topics:



Social-Emotional Learning

Special Education

Frequently asked questions:

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Distance Learning Bundle – Receive All 10 Sessions and Save $501 – Enjoy your Distance Learning Bundle for 60 Days after activation

Get access to all ten of our 75-minute virtual professional learning sessions for a total of 750 minutes of relevant and practical professional learning when you need it most.

Topic Tags: Instruction, Technology, Digital Learning, SEL, Assessment

Presenters: Kim Bailey, Tim Brown, William M. Ferriter, Alex Kajitani, Toby J. Karten, Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan, John Hannigan, Alexander McNeece, Casey Reason, Jeanne Spiller, Katie White

USD $389.00


Immediate Impact Institutes

Assessment: Just-in-Time Assessment—Gathering Information and Taking Action

We are all looking for ways to gather information about our learners so we can make the very best decisions to meet their needs right away. Many of our predictable sources of information either are not available (standardized testing data, for example) or have shifted because of our current reality. This session explores assessment that can meet students where they are so educators can determine intentional and thoughtful next steps. Participants discuss formative assessment—with a special focus on preassessment—that readies us to serve our students in the best ways possible.

  • Explore the role of assessment in classroom decision making.
  • Clarify practical considerations when engaging in assessment that will support learning in the best ways possible.
  • Consider ways to apply a framework for just-in-time assessment to personal contexts.

Topic Tags: Assessment, RTI, Instruction

Presenter: Katie White

USD $89.00



Assessment: Student Self-Efficacy—Where Are We Going? How Am I Doing? What Do I Need to Do?

Clarity precedes competence. Educators in a school with a focus on learning promote a strong sense of self-efficacy in their students. Studies show this may be one of the greatest factors for student motivation and engagement. In this session, participants examine essential characteristics for building student self-efficacy and what those elements mean for virtual and in-person practices. Tim Brown explores a variety of examples and strategies for how to use them.

Essential Questions:

  • What are the intentional actions we must take to positively influence a child’s self-efficacy?
  • What does the research say?
  • What are some practical strategies and key considerations?

Topic Tags: Assessment, SEL, Instruction

Presenter: Tim Brown

USD $89.00



Instruction: Loving What They Learn—Active Learning and Student Engagement Strategies for Remote Instruction

With classrooms moving online, teaching strategies that promote student engagement are critical to keep our students on track. Learn how the research behind student engagement connects to strategies you can use in your remote and virtual classrooms. Students deserve a remote classroom that successfully creates a fun, relevant, and deep synchronous and asynchronous learning environment. Teachers will leave the session with a larger, research-based toolbox for student engagement in their remote classrooms.

  • Understand how the research on student engagement must influence effective remote learning activities
  • Identify effective strategies to support student collaboration and relationship building
  • Learn the key strategies to help develop both a student’s sense of relevance with your curriculum and their autonomy while working at home

Topic Tags: Instruction, SEL, Technology/Digital Learning

Presenter: Alexander McNeece

USD $89.00



Instruction: Tips and Tricks for Delivering Content and Differentiating Instruction in Remote or Hybrid Learning Environments

Everything changed for classroom teachers when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down schools in the spring of 2020. For perhaps the first time in their careers, teachers had to figure out how to perform critically important work—structure meaningful learning experiences, differentiate instruction, assess mastery, and provide feedback to students—remotely. In this session, full-time classroom teacher Bill Ferriter offers practical tips and tricks that teachers can use to make learning more meaningful for students working in remote or hybrid classrooms.

  • Discuss simple strategies for delivering content and differentiating learning in remote or hybrid learning environments
  • Learn more about how to choose technologies worth exploring for the current school year and beyond

Topic Tags: Instruction, Technology, Digital Learning

Presenter: William M. Ferriter

USD $89.00



Instruction: Planning and Delivering Online Learning at the Secondary Level

Delivering high-quality online learning is possible—but first educators must develop a new set of skills. During this session, secondary teachers will learn how to plan and deliver outstanding lessons using synchronous, cyber-synchronous, and asynchronous learning strategies. Participants will also explore digitized formative assessment strategies and interventions, leaving prepared to teach with a blended approach or completely online.

  • Develop and apply approaches to instruction that include a blend of synchronous, cyber-synchronous, and asynchronous approaches
  • Apply strategies for formative assessment and intervention that can be used with any remote learning approach
  • Discover how to use Digital Learning as a strategic overlay for enriching student achievement outcomes

Topic Tags: Instruction, Leadership, Technology/Digital Learning

Presenter: Casey Reason

USD $89.00



Instruction: Structuring the Elementary School Day for Effective Collaboration and Instruction

Created for both administrators and teachers, this session outlines how to design a school day that fosters high levels of collaboration and promotes quality synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences. Participants will explore the importance of intentional master schedule design, review sample master schedules, and examine various ways to structure and deliver meaningful instruction in a remote setting, as well as in a socially distanced in-person setting.

  • Learn the importance of intentional planning to ensure effective learning structures for students and teachers
  • Discover specific research-based strategies for effective classroom instruction
  • Review examples that can be adjusted and implemented in their own school or district

Topic Tags: Instruction, Leadership RTI

Presenter: Jeanne Spiller

USD $89.00



Instruction: Setting Priorities for Student Learning—Getting Clear on Essential Standards

Feel that there’s so much to teach and so little time? Worried that you can’t cover everything that needs to be taught? Now more than ever, it’s crucial for educators to make careful decisions about how they make the most of instructional time. This session provides a framework for simplifying and clarifying learning priorities for and with students to ensure they acquire the knowledge and skills that are most essential.

  • Learn strategies for prioritizing instructional standards to be learned each year and within each unit of study
  • Explore a method for aligning instruction and assessments with a laser focus on prioritized standards
  • Gain ideas for actively connecting students to their goals for learning

Topic Tags: Instruction, Assessment

Presenter: Kim Bailey

USD $89.00



SEL: Building Powerful Relationships With Students During Remote Learning

Online or in person, learning never stops, and neither does the need to create powerful, trusting relationships with students. This virtual training will give you high-leverage, authentic strategies you can use immediately to build relationships with learners and create a classroom community where everyone feels safe, loved, and confident.

  • Learn how to create an online classroom culture where students arrive engaged and stay engaged until they sign off
  • Understand how to implement procedures and routines in their online classroom that empower students to depend on and deeply value themselves and each other
  • Explore specific practices other teachers are using to build powerful relationships with their students

Topic Tags: SEL, Instruction

Presenter: Alex Kajitani

USD $89.00



SEL: Social-Emotional Learning From a Distance Toolkit

Our students are experiencing stress, uncertainty, and emotional lows. How can we determine their needs during remote learning, and what can we do to support and nurture our students? This fast-paced session offers tools and best practice processes for social-emotional learning (SEL) that you can implement immediately in your virtual classroom.

  • Discover a variety of approaches and strategies to support every student’s mental health and well-being
  • Gain the tools and process to integrate SEL within your classroom immediately

Topic Tags: SEL, Instruction

Presenter: Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan and John Hannigan

USD $89.00



Special Education: Online Inclusion Strategies and Interventions for Students with Special Needs

Remote instruction means that we are teaching and learning differently but never teaching and learning less. Whether services are given online or in schools, inclusion strategies and interventions are ongoing. This professional development session explores practical K–12 applications and online resources for educators who remotely instruct students with special needs. Focus is on the child, with collaborative, high-tech, low-tech, individualized, and distance learning accommodations and documentation.

  • Consider how to effectively deliver specially designed instruction (SDI) aligned to each student’s individualized educational plan (IEP)
  • Acquire the digital and remote teaching structures, strategies, and tools that assist students with special needs as they learn in home environments
  • Gain best practices for utilizing online data, monitoring student progress, and providing timely interventions

Topic Tags: Special Education, Instruction, Digital Learning

Presenter: Toby J. Karten

USD $89.00



Distance Learning Bundle – Receive All 10 Sessions and Save $501 – Enjoy your Distance Learning Bundle for 60 Days after activation

Get access to all 10 of our 75-minute virtual professional learning sessions for a total of 750 minutes of relevant and practical professional learning when you need it most.

Topic Tags: Instruction, Technology, Digital Learning, SEL, Assessment

Presenters: Kim Bailey, Tim Brown, William M. Ferriter, Alex Kajitani, Toby J. Karten, Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan, John Hannigan, Alexander McNeece, Casey Reason, Jeanne Spiller, Katie White

USD $389.00


Immediate Impact Institutes


Who developed the 75-Minute Immediate Impact Institutes?
Sessions are developed by leading experts around specific topics. Participants will leave each session with a plan focused on that topic.

How do the 75-Minute Immediate Impact Institutes work?
Once you purchase either individual sessions or the Distance Learning bundle, you will activate them in Solution Tree’s viewing platform. Once you activate your first session, you will have unlimited viewing access for up to 60 days. Certificates of completion will be awarded after viewing sessions.

Who will I be learning from in the 75-Minute Immediate Impact Institutes?
You will be learning directly from expert practitioners, who have designed each session based on their respective areas of expertise.

How many educators can I register from my school or district?
You can register an unlimited number of educators. A 75-Minute Immediate Impact Institute is an excellent tool for teams to work on together, and beginning dates are flexible, allowing participants to start and stop as they choose.

Can I register as an individual?
Yes. The 75-Minute Immediate Impact Institutes can be purchased and used by individuals.

Can course participants earn CEUs?
Yes. After completion of the sessions on the digital platform, you will be able to print or save certificates for your records. Please check with your department of education for CEU availability.