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Kindergarten From A to Z

Managing Your Classroom and Curriculum With Purpose and Confidence

By: Alan J. Cohen

Inside this all-inclusive guide, you will find best practices, advice, strategies, and tips for making the most of every student’s kindergarten experience. This resource will help instructors provide effective teaching to young learners in every kindergarten classroom.

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An all-inclusive guide to enriching the learning experiences of kindergarten classrooms

Kindergarten is a vital time in a child’s life, often serving as the foundation for future education. Inside this all-inclusive guide, you will find everything you need to fully support your eager young learners. Rely on the book’s ample advice and strategies, as well as literacy and mathematics guidance, to help build or refine your teaching toolkit and make the most of every kindergartener’s experience.

  • Understand how to weed through a curriculum and make it work for a particular class.
  • Explore the mindset and skills one needs to have to be an effective teacher.
  • Learn how to set up a classroom that maximizes the learning experience.
  • Acquire effective solutions to real-world problems that kindergarten teachers encounter in their practice.
  • Discover methods of behavioral management and conflict defusal among kindergarteners.
  • Dive into the foundations of literacy and mathematics to understand how best to teach the topics.

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Product Code: BKF957

ISBN: 9781951075095

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 240

“This is a book to fuel your passion of educating young minds in a meaningful way . . . an abundance of resources to utilize!”

Jennah Truitt, Indian River School District, Deleware; 2018 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching Awardee

“This book brings a different perspective to teaching than most professional development books that I have seen do. It was as if I had a mentor teacher I could call up for a chat about what to do in different situations or with different curricular areas. Cohen’s perspective on relating to children as a learning facilitator and as an adult who is building relationships with each individual student is refreshing.”

Leah Montequin, kindergarten teacher, Peabody Elementary

“This is the kind of road map I wish I had when I started my teaching career over 25 years ago. Educators new to the field or those looking for inspiration will find Cohen's book invaluable. I hope all teachers will take this guide to heart.”

Steven Hicks, former senior policy advisor, US Department of Education
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