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Lead From the Start

How to Succeed as the New Principal of Your School

By: Tommy Reddicks, Tina Merriweather Seymour

Whether you are a brand-new principal or an experienced leader in a new job, Lead From the Start will help you succeed in your role. Use this resource to overcome the biggest leadership challenges principals face, and gain firsthand knowledge from educators like you to form best management practices at your school.

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A school leadership guide for new principals and experienced educators

Whether you are a brand-new principal or an experienced leader in a new job, Lead From the Start will help you succeed in your role. Written by Tommy Reddicks and Tina Merriweather Seymour—veteran school leaders with decades of firsthand experience—this book details how to quickly develop best practices and systems that ensure better outcomes for your students, staff, and school. Numerous personal accounts, opportunities for reflection, and discussion questions are included throughout the resource.

  • Develop an understanding of educational leadership as a skill that can be cultivated and improved.
  • Study the greatest challenges that leaders face in the first few years in a new position and why success in these years is necessary for continued success.
  • Study experience-backed lessons, strategies, and best practices that will improve your leadership skills and expand your management styles.
  • Develop your own system of leadership that will empower you to overcome your school’s unique challenges and improve family and community engagement.

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Product Code: BKF924

ISBN: 9781949539356

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 216

“The performance of the principal is critical to school improvement, yet the challenges are mammoth and often overwhelming for even the best equipped professional. This book provides one of the most thorough and comprehensive guides to principal success that I have ever read. I would highly recommend this book to any principal, experienced or novice.”

Anthony Muhammad, educational consultant and author

“We have long understood the impact of highly effective teachers on student success. Reddicks and Merriweather Seymour not only validate the same impact from a highly effective principal but are determined to end the revolving door in school leadership through systems and strategies for success in the first several years. This book is a must-read for every aspiring principal, sitting principal, and those who supervise and support them.”

Jeffrey K. Butts, superintendent, Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township, Indiana

Lead From the Start should be a required textbook in every educational leadership program in the country. Through important leadership stories and research-based strategies, the authors have developed a playbook for school leaders that outlines best practices and systems to accelerate achievement.”

Deb Lecklider, professor and director, Experiential Program for Preparing School Principals, Butler University