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The ADMIRE Framework for Inclusion

Positive Strategies That Pave the Way for Students of All Abilities

By: Toby J. Karten

Cultivate an environment that creates successful inclusion classrooms. Use this framework to help strengthen self-efficacy and accommodate students with diverse abilities. Dive into evidence-based practices and strategies to assess, delineate, model, instruct, reflect, and engage the skill sets of all learners.

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Format: Paperback

Best practices for cultivating a supportive classroom environment

Create effective and successful inclusion classrooms with a framework that strengthens self-efficacy and equips teachers to be their best in accommodating students with diverse abilities and cultivating supportive relationships among teachers, students, and their families. In this comprehensive guide for preservice and current inclusion professionals, author Toby J. Karten offers evidence-based practices and strategies that inclusion teachers use to nurture all learners.

This book will help K–12 general education and special education teachers:

  • Understand how a positive attitude fosters successful inclusion classrooms
  • Gain strategies and tools to accommodate students’ diverse needs
  • Learn how to cultivate supportive relationships with students and their families
  • Engage with practices that nurture the well-being of themselves and their students
  • Become equipped to generate solutions to common challenges in inclusion classrooms

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