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Benches in the Bathroom

Leading a Physically, Emotionally, and Socially Safe School Culture

By: Evisha Ford

Educational leadership can help ensure teachers are at their best by taking steps to create and maintain a safe, comfortable culture for all staff. A leader who’s committed to establishing and maintaining an environment that prioritizes wellness and teacher stress management will find answers in this book.

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Establish a wellness culture in your school or district to combat teacher burnout and attrition

To avoid risk of burnout, educators need a supportive working environment that acknowledges their unique stressors. Benches in the Bathroom offers K–12 educational leadership a wealth of field-tested and research-supported guidance to construct a school culture that values teacher contributions, operates on a framework of emotional wellness, and implements trauma-compassionate organizational strategies to ensure the success and well-being of educators.

K–12 school and district leaders will:

  • Gain increased understanding of the importance of wellness among educators
  • Learn actionable leadership strategies to construct a trauma-informed and trauma-compassionate culture of wellness
  • Review a case study providing examples of what a compassionate work culture can look like
  • Consider psychology-backed insights on trauma, toxic stress, and unhealthy work environments with strategies to help
  • Study self-care modeling strategies for educational leaders

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Product Code: BKG094

ISBN: 9781954631557

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 168

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