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  1. Learning CPR

    Learning CPR

    Creating Powerful Responses When Students Don۪t Learn

    By: Austin Buffum

    Learn how to create a highly effective intervention program and gain practical, proven intervention ideas that are timely, targeted, and systematic.



  2. Tiers Without Tears

    Tiers Without Tears

    A Systematic Approach to Implementing RTI in PLC Schools

    By: Austin Buffum

    Dr. Buffum shows you how the big ideas of a PLC are foundationally important when implementing RTI.



  3. 21st Century Skills

    21st Century Skills

    Rethinking How Students Learn

    Edited by: James A. Bellanca, Ron Brandt

    Contributors: John Barell, Linda Darling-Hammond, Chris Dede, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Douglas Fisher, Robin J. Fogarty, Nancy Frey, Howard Gardner, Andy Hargreaves, David W. Johnson, Roger T. Johnson, Ken Kay, Cheryl Lemke, Jay McTighe, Alan November, Bob Pearlman, Brian M. Pete, Douglas Reeves, Will Richardson, Elliott Seif

    Education luminaries reveal why 21st century skills are necessary, which skills are most important, and how to help schools include them in curriculum and instruction.



  4. Elements of Grading

    Elements of Grading

    A Guide to Effective Practice

    By: Douglas Reeves

    Learn several strategies for improving grading practices, while examining the common arguments against reform. The book includes examples, case studies, and opportunities for reflection.

    Regular Price: USD$29.95

    Special Price: USD$22.46


  5. On Solid Ground

    On Solid Ground

    How PLC Practices Create the Foundation for a Successful Intervention Program

    By: Mike Mattos

    In this breakout session, Mike shows how professional learning community practices provide the foundation for a successful intervention program and offers practical, effective strategies for beginning to build that foundation.



  6. A Practical Look at Response to Intervention

    A Practical Look at Response to Intervention

    By: Mike Mattos

    Learn how response to intervention (RTI) systems, combined with a professional learning community foundation, create a powerful system for achieving high levels of learning for all students.



  7. The Role of PLCs in Advancing 21st Century Skills

    The Role of PLCs in Advancing 21st Century Skills

    By: Richard DuFour

    Dr. DuFour explores fundamental characteristics of professional learning communities and demonstrates the link between PLCs and 21st century skills.



  8. Developing Expert Teachers

    Developing Expert Teachers

    By: Robert J. Marzano

    Dr. Marzano provides a blueprint for how schools and districts can develop teacher expertise.



  9. Leaders of Learning

    Leaders of Learning

    How District, School, and Classroom Leaders Improve Student Achievement

    By: Richard DuFour, Robert J. Marzano

    The authors examine how district leadership, principal leadership, team leadership, and effective teachers can improve student achievement.



  10. Leading Difficult Conversations

    Leading Difficult Conversations

    By: Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour

    Learn discussion strategies to address the conflicts that can result from transforming a school into a professional learning community.



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