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Breaking With Tradition

The Shift to Competency-Based Learning in PLCs at Work™

By: Brian M. Stack, Jonathan G. Vander Els

Discover how to shift to a competency-based education system that replaces traditional, ineffective practices with a new model that fosters personalized, student-centered learning. This learner-centered approach will help you assess performance to ensure learning for all students.

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Establish a Competency-Based Approach to Teaching and Assessment

Shifting to a competency-based curriculum allows educators to revolutionize education by replacing traditional, ineffective systems with a personalized, learner-centered approach. Throughout the book, the authors explore how the components of professional learning communities (PLCs) promote the principles of competency-based education and share real-world examples from practitioners who have made the transition to learner-centered teaching. Each chapter ends with reflection questions readers can answer to apply their own learning progression.

This book will guide you in establishing competency-based education for student-centered learning:

  • Evaluate the qualities of true competency-based schools and the flaws in traditional schooling.
  • Consider the foundational role that PLCs have in establishing a competency-based approach and promoting learning for all.
  • Gain tips for successfully implementing student-centered practices for learning competencies and performance assessment and grading.
  • Explore real school experiences that highlight the processes and challenges involved in moving from traditional to competency-based school structures.
  • Access reproducible school-design rubrics appropriate for the five design principles of competency-based learning.

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Product Code: BKF780

ISBN: 9781943874897

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 232

“This terrific book is authentic, thoughtful, and practical. It serves as an anchor in a stormy sea of policy changes by expertly laying out what school leaders can do right now to create a firm foundation for student learning.”

Douglas Reeves, founder, Creative Leadership Solutions

“A user-friendly resource for school leaders, leadership teams, and teacher leaders looking for a systematic and achievable approach to implementing competency-based learning.”

Paul Cone Jr., middle school principal, Canisteo-Greenwood Central School, New York

Breaking With Tradition is written by educators for educators who want to learn about competency-based education. ... Your first steps toward creating a system where every student is learning and progressing can start right now. Brian Stack and Jonathan Vander Els will be wonderful guides for your journey.”

From the foreword by Chris Sturgis, cofounder, CompetencyWorks