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  1. Powe​​rful Guiding Coalitions

    How to Build and Sustain the Leadership Team in Your PLC

    Building a PLC is not a journey taken alone. That’s where the guiding coalition comes in. With clear guidance, this book examines every aspect of how to create, develop, and sustain this essential team that will help champion and lead the change process.



  2. Virtual PLCs at Work®

    A Guide to Effectively Implementing Online and Hybrid Teaching and Learning

    Explore an abundance of tools, tips, and best practices for remote teacher collaboration in virtual professional learning communities. Learn how to implement online professional learning communities in a way that maintains the power of the PLC process to ensure learning for all.



  3. Energize Your Teams

    Powerful Tools for Coaching Collaborative Teams in PLCs at Work®

    Collaborative teacher teams are the engine of a PLC. This ultimate "grab and grow" guide for school leadership and instructional coaches outlines how to help your PLC get better faster. Understand effective coaching methods, promote collaborative learning, and inspire teacher teams to work in cycles of continuous improvement to ensure high levels of learning.



  4. Formative Tools for Leaders in a PLC at Work®

    Assessing, Analyzing, and Acting to Support Collaborative Teams

    Learn what makes a successful professional learning community and discover how to evaluate the effectiveness of your collaborative structures and school culture.



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