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The Fact Tactics™ Fluency Program

Building Reasoning Skills for Multiplication in Grades 3–6

By: Juli K. Dixon

Support students in developing a deep understanding of multiplication by emphasizing procedural fluency to develop automaticity in mathematics. This book will lead you through a 20-week program that utilizes six tactics to promote reasoning over rote memorization.

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Format: Paperback

Teach students more than fact recall. Help them learn to make sense of multiplication.

How can students achieve an understanding of multiplication that allows them to go beyond recall to explain their thinking? Author and mathematics education professor Juli Dixon introduces a program that teachers can seamlessly integrate into existing mathematics instruction. Learn six tactics to help you shift from an anxiety-producing, rote-memorization approach to one that helps students actually make sense of multiplication.

This book will help classroom teachers, resource teachers, interventionists, coaches, administrators, tutors, and parents of students in grades 3–6:

  • Understand the six tactics for completing the Fact Tactics Fluency Program
  • Discover how to seamlessly integrate the 20-week program into mathematics instruction
  • Give students the tools they need to transcend recall of basic facts and gain procedural fluency so they can explain and justify their thinking
  • Gain the process, resources, and assessments to implement the program
  • Learn how to support a deep understanding of mathematics beyond the 20-week program

“Fact Tactics” is a trademark of Juli Dixon and is used here with permission.

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Product Code: BKG125

ISBN: 9781958590218

Published By: Solution Tree

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