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Raising Equity Through SEL

A Framework for Implementing Trauma-Informed, Culturally Responsive Teaching and Restorative Practices

By: Jorge Valenzuela

Foreword by: Sheldon Eakins

How can you effectively address the academic and SEL needs of your diverse learners? By activating social-emotional learning within a framework that includes trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and restorative teaching practices.

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Effectively activate social-emotional learning with sound pedagogy for diverse learners

Activate social-emotional learning effectively in your classroom with a framework that integrates trauma-informed, culturally responsive, and restorative teaching practices. Raising Equity Through SEL is your trusted source for sound pedagogy that addresses the academic and social-emotional needs of a diverse classroom community. Each strategy, tool, and template is designed to facilitate your practice by making SEL easier to implement.

Use this book as an individual or team to

  • Develop emotional intelligence skills for adults and students
  • Examine unconscious beliefs you may have about diverse learners
  • Use shared agreements to structure difficult conversations with other adults
  • Move students toward cultural competence and proficiency
  • Activate SEL across the curriculum without having to stop and “do SEL”
  • Implement culturally responsive, restorative, and trauma-informed teaching strategies
  • Learn inclusive pedagogy that raises equity for students who are marginalized
  • Level up SEL skills using educational technology

A joint publication of ISTE and Solution Tree

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Product Code: BKG041, EKF603

ISBN: 9781952812910

Published By: Solution Tree

Raising Equity Through SEL is an essential book for every educator seeking to understand SEL through the lens of equity. Jorge Valenzuela provides everything that educators need to feel confident in implementing the best and most inclusive teaching strategies in their classrooms.”

Rachelle Dené Poth, Spanish and STEAM Emerging Technologies teacher, attorney, and consultant

“Through his writing, Valenzuela places himself as an ally and companion for educators who recognize that now, more than ever, we must give the emotional needs of all our learners and ourselves the same attention as learning goals and content standards.”

James Fester, PBLWorks National Faculty, Saint Paul, Minnesota

“This book is essential reading for educators who want to create equitable and inclusive learning environments that promote the social-emotional well-being of all students.”

Alfonso Mendoza, founder of My EdTech Life, Edinburg, Texas