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Jessicca Rodgers

State Office Executive Director

Reach Jessicca now: 916.586.0054

Schedule time on Jessicca’s calendar:

Eric Henry

Eric Henry

Solution Tree Director of Educational Partnerships
Region: Northern CA

Reach Eric now:
800.733.6786 ext. 402

Schedule time on Eric’s calendar:

Kristen Stez

Kristen Stez

Solution Tree Director of Educational Partnerships
Region: Southern CA

Reach Kristen now:
800.733.6786 ext. 994

Schedule time on Kristen’s calendar: calendly.com/kristen-stez-1

Christine McBride

Christine McBride

Marzano Resources Business Development Manager
Region: CA, ID, WA, OR, NV

Reach Christine now: 303-766-9199 ext. 323

Schedule time on Christine’s calendar:

Email Christine: [email protected]