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  1. The Landscape Model of Learning

    Designing Student-Centered Experiences for Cognitive and Cultural Inclusion

    Implement culturally responsive teaching and improve your school culture. By applying the research-based teaching strategies found in this essential guide, you will learn how to create a more meaningful and inclusive learning ecosystem.



  2. Becoming Active Citizens

    Practices to Engage Students in Civic Education Across the Curriculum

    How do you encourage active citizenship in the classroom? This innovative resource provides a practical approach for creating authentic, engaging learning experiences. Prepare students to participate in civic discourse while creating a positive classroom culture.



  3. Change Starts With Me

    Talking About Race in the Elementary Classroom

    Make a positive impact on how elementary students view and understand race discrimination. This guide will help you tactfully tackle topics such as White silence, the scientific origin of skin color, and societal fears of being perceived as a racist by giving you real-world examples to use in the classroom.



  4. Equitable Instruction, Empowered Students

    A Teacher’s Guide to Inclusive and Culturally Competent Classrooms

    Author Carissa R. McCray offers instructional practices for teachers and educators that encourage students to tear down the injustices surrounding them by providing the tools to combat biases inherent in education.



  5. There’s More to the Story

    Using Literature to Teach Diversity and Social-Emotional Skills in the Elementary Classroom

    In this valuable resource, the authors share recommendations for diverse, culturally relevant, quality children’s literature that explores important aspects of social-emotional learning. In each chapter, book suggestions are paired with activities that promote positive self-reflection and compassionate action toward others.


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  6. Cultural Literacy for the Common Core

    Six Steps to Powerful, Practical Instruction for All Learners

    Discover a six-step framework for becoming culturally literate that complements the Common Core and encourages students to be at the center of learning.

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  7. Amanda L. Yurick

    Amanda L. Yurick, PhD, is an associate professor in special education at Cleveland State University. She currently teaches graduate and undergraduate students pursuing licensure in special education and/or applied behavior analysis.


  8. Shawn W. McCusker

    Shawn W. McCusker has 25 years of experience as a teacher and leader and is currently the director of professional learning at Digital Promise, a nonprofit dedicated to closing the digital learning gap.


  9. Kapono Ciotti

    Dr. Kapono Ciotti has worked internationally in educational change organizations and has trained teachers in over 100 schools and districts across four continents, impacting hundreds of thousands of students.


  10. Gwendolyn Cartledge

    Gwendolyn Cartledge, PhD, is professor emerita at the Ohio State University’s College of Education and Human Ecology. Her professional research and writings have centered on the development of students with and without disabilities, particularly those from diverse backgrounds.


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