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Harnessing the Power of Collective Teacher Efficacy

A Five-Step Process for Developing Strong Teams in a PLC at Work®

By: Jamie Virga

This guidebook of practical research-supported advice and user-friendly tools shows educators how to build collective teacher efficacy in a practical, step-by-step way, whether they are just starting their PLC journeys or are in high-performing PLCs and looking to deepen their practice.

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Format: Paperback

Build collective teacher efficacy

Discover how to build the collective efficacy of teacher teams through the five-step research-supported process of CLEAR: clarify, listen, explore, activate, and review. Using this book’s practical strategies, user-friendly tools, and example scenarios, leaders and coaches can learn to clarify purpose, listen to teachers, explore best practices, activate new knowledge, and review results. Harness the power of collective teacher efficacy.

K–12 leaders and coaches will:

  • Clarify the why, what, and how
  • Listen to teachers’ questions and fears
  • Explore best practices and proven processes through example scenarios
  • Activate new learning through coaching
  • Review results and celebrate achievements
  • Learn the research behind collective teacher efficacy
  • Understand the CLEAR process from multiple perspectives

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Product Code: BKG175

ISBN: 9781960574268

Published By: Solution Tree