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Clearing the Path for Developing Learners

Essential Literacy Skills to Support Achievement in Every Content Area

By: Peg Grafwallner

This book will provide teachers with the tools they need to embed core literacy skills into every subject matter in a way that supports developing students in becoming better readers, writers, thinkers, and speakers—no matter the content area.

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Format: Paperback

Apply essential literacy skills in every subject matter

All learning is based on the mastery of essential literary skills, and in this impactful title from author and reading specialist Peg Grafwallner, educators will discover tools they need to embed literacy into all subjects. Using this book’s skill-building strategies and reproducibles, educators can effectively teach those literacy skills to support developing students as they learn to read, write, and think critically.

Through this title, educators will discover how to:

  • Expand their teaching methods to include literacy skills
  • Introduce literacy into daily lesson planning
  • Embed reading comprehension into any subject area
  • Create a positive classroom culture through relevant and relatable vocabulary strategies
  • Scaffold instruction using literacy strategies to boost subject-area comprehension

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Product Code: BKG105

ISBN: 9781954631793

Published By: Solution Tree

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