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Beyond the Grade

Refining Practices That Boost Student Achievement

By: Robert Lynn Canady, Carol E. Canady, Anne Meek

Explore why current grading policies and scheduling are ineffective and learn how a standards-based grading system can transform teaching and learning.

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Beyond the Grade

To help all students succeed, vast changes in grading policies and scheduling are needed. In this research-based resource, the authors examine why current practices are ineffective and present an evidence-based case for a standards-based grading system. Use this book as a schoolwide study guide to ensure all staff fully understand how standards-based grading will improve the achievement of an ever-growing, diverse student population.

  • Ascertain the school variables that can influence student motivation and enhance achievement.
  • Explore the disadvantages of traditional grading practices and the advantages that come from implementing standards-based grading practices.
  • Receive guidance on providing students with the extra time and help they require to meet their learning needs.
  • Access a list of questions that can help bring focus to your discussions about grading practices.
  • Gain resources, including sample schedules, for implementing standards-based grading practices in elementary, middle, and high schools.

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Product Code: BKF726

ISBN: 9781943874040

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 144

“What if there was, right now, a practical, commonsense way to reduce student failure rates in our schools and at the same time significantly mitigate the harmful effects of poverty on student academic success? There is a way; focus on changing grading, homework, and scheduling practices in our schools. In Beyond the Grade, Lynn Canady, et al. not only make a compelling, research-based case of why changing these practices is essential, they also provide practical, doable examples of ways to make this happen. Canady’s book is an essential resource for anyone interested in helping more students succeed in our nation’s classrooms.”

Robert Eaker, author and professor emeritus

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