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Beyond Self-Care

Leading a Systemic Approach to Well-Being for Educators

By: Gail Markin

Foreword by: Sabre Cherkowski

Wellness for teachers and support staff means so much more than taking time for self-care. It requires systemwide change supported by leadership. This book provides K–12 administrators with a framework and tools to address the stress that impacts daily life for the majority of educators.

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A practical guide for K–12 leaders to create systemic change that fosters staff wellness

So often, educators’ conversations about well-being begin and end with self-care, without addressing all aspects of educator wellness. Author Gail Markin explores the importance of well-being at individual, group, and system levels, as well as the role of leadership in supporting cultures of well-being. Using research-based practices and excerpts of conversations from working educators, Markin delivers a guidebook to healthier, more passionate schools.

This book will help K–12 leaders:

  • Understand why well-being matters in education
  • Learn about research-based, SEL-focused self-care practices
  • Improve their leadership skills to better support well-being in their school community
  • Access real-world examples that illustrate how these practices work
  • Build better systems to improve both personal and collective well-being

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Product Code: BKG079, EKF624

ISBN: 9781954631274

Published By: Solution Tree

“Although many educators feel empowered to create classroom spaces of experimentation, candor, and curiosity, this often runs in stark contrast to their workplace cultures, where compliance, blame, and fear are the rule. Beyond Self-Care highlights valuable, systemic approaches to improving educator well-being by fostering greater psychological safety. This insightful and practical work is a powerful contribution to the field and an essential tool for educators.”

Tom Geraghty, organizational consultant and founder, PsychSafety.co.uk

“Gail Markin has crafted a compelling and inspiring book that draws on an extensive body of research and on-the-ground experience to provide educators with valuable, accessible, and practical information on the why, what, and how of a system-level approach to self-care for bolstering educator well-being. The text is brought to life through Gail’s cogent and compelling stories that are drawn from her experience and supported by groundbreaking research in the fields of social and emotional learning, positive psychology, leadership studies, and the science of well-being. This book is clearly a must-read for anyone who wishes to be part of an educational system that emphasizes educator well-being at its very core. I highly recommend it!”

Kimberly A. Schonert-Reichl, NoVo Foundation Endowed Chair in Social and Emotional Learning and professor, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois Chicago

“In a clear and easy read, Gail Markin articulates what I believe leadership should be. This book is not just about well-being; rather, it’s about leadership and how to philosophically see the world. It reminds us that a 'well' workplace nurtures a positive, inclusive, and vibrant workplace culture, and that is what we as leaders aspire to do. Beyond Self-Care highlights the importance of treating both yourself and others well—a topic that should resonate not just with educational leaders but with all leaders.”

Claire Guy, education consultant, Vancouver, British Columbia