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The Reignited Educator

Rediscovering Emotional Engagement and Purpose in Your Profession

By: Mandy Froehlich

Foreword by: Jim Sporleder

According to Mandy Froehlich, educators need a go-to guide when classroom burnout happens. This book is that guide. With worksheets, checklists, and detailed instructions, The Reignited Educator is a way for teachers to feel supported, prioritize their wellness, and discover emotional engagement for their profession.

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Format: Paperback

Healing and engaging strategies to rediscover joy in teaching

Many teachers experience a shift in their professional career from joy to burnout, and often are unprepared to address it. Author Mandy Froehlich takes readers on her search to uncover educators’ emotional disengagement. In her findings, she provides practical strategies and research-backed guidance for teachers to heal and reengage in the profession, rediscovering self-care, well-being, and healing in their purposeful work.

Educators will:

  • Investigate various factors that contribute to educator burnout, disengagement, and attrition
  • Consult the continuum of educator engagement
  • Explore research and science that validate the importance of educator engagement
  • Gain many strategies for healing professionally and pursuing the process of reengagement
  • Access worksheets, checklists, and detailed instructions to help them implement the book’s strategies

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