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The Educator Wellness Plan Book and Journal

Continuous Growth for Each Season of Your Professional Life

By: Tina H. Boogren, Timothy D. Kanold, Jasmine K. Kullar

This goal-setting planner offers K–12 teachers and administrators a practical tool for integrating physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness tips and strategies daily to create a personal and professional life that maintains focus and balance.

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Format: Hardcover, Spiral Bound

Rekindle your professional purpose with a planner designed to help build habits for well-being

Educators’ daily stressors can easily accumulate without intentional wellness actions in place. Designed as both a plan book and journal, this companion resource to Educator Wellness: A Guide for Sustaining Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social Well-Being offers inspirational, practical weekly routines and reflections for teachers committed to improving their wellness practices throughout the school year.

Use this plan book and journal to:

  • Commit to practices that encourage well-being in each of the four dimensions: physical, mental, emotional, and social
  • Organize your thoughts, collect data on your current habits, and reflect on areas to improve with 46 field-tested tools
  • Monitor your progress on each month’s wellness goal and set intentions to encourage long-term maintenance of positive habits

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Product Code: BKG139

ISBN: 9781958590492

Published By: Solution Tree

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