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Connected Classrooms

A People-Centered Approach for Online, Blended, and In-Person Learning

By: Kathryn Fishman-Weaver, Stephanie Walter

Embrace the unique opportunity of online and blended learning. Get a solid understanding on how to execute in-person and online relationships with students and coworkers to attain a positive learning environment that supports social-emotional learning.

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Create a positive learning environment for student engagement and enrichment

Reimagine your school community. This practical guidebook will help you shift your mindset of online and blended learning from “backup plan” to unprecedented opportunity for rich connections and high-level learning. New and veteran teachers alike will gain insight on how to build in-person and online relationships with students and coworkers to achieve a learning community that supports social-emotional learning, equitable and inclusive instruction, and academic success.

Educators of hybrid learning environments will:

  • Understand why relationship building is fundamental to student success and gain best practices for establishing this foundation
  • Discover new blended, online, and in-person strategies for strengthening connections with your diverse students
  • Gain strategies for offering instruction that is affirming, representative of our diverse world, and rooted in equity
  • Be empowered to think critically about and to change systems currently in place that limit students’ ability to connect and thrive
  • Choose strategies that fit your teaching style from the myriad of vibrant experiences contributed by educators around the world

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Additional Information

Product Code: BKG075, EKF620

ISBN: 9781954631199

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 240

Connected Classrooms is a must-have guidebook for the modern classroom. Teachers will learn intentional strategies to assist them in cultivating connected classrooms both in person and online. This book will help you build deep, meaningful, lasting relationships with your students that will foster student success both in and out of the classroom setting.”

Naomi Sanders, fifth-grade teacher, Morrilton Intermediate School, Arkansas

“While focusing on the thread of connectivity, Kathryn Fishman-Weaver and Stephanie Walter have crafted a book that brings into focus the heart of all teaching—the need of humans to feel connected. This book shows how focusing on this principle allows us as educators to be effective and fulfilled, be it through in-person, online, or blended learning. The combination of exposition, teacher accounts, and reflection activities made this an enjoyable read and a valuable resource.”

Hannah Valencia, second-grade teacher, Madison Elementary School, Sanger, California