Learning by Doing PD Playlist

Learning by Doing PD Playlist

By: Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Robert Eaker, Thomas W. Many, Mike Mattos

The Learning by Doing PD Playlist offers 43 PLC videos for professional development on the PLC process. Aligned to the chapters of Learning by Doing, these videos address critical PLC topics, helping educators develop an action plan for school improvement to create a high-performing professional learning community.

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Learning by Doing PD Playlist
Learning by Doing Book + PD Playlist

43 PLC videos on effective teaching methods and school improvement through the PLC process

The Learning by Doing PD Playlist offers 43 short videos on PLC topics to help build a shared understanding of the PLC process and develop your action plan for school improvement. Aligned to the chapters of the best-selling professional learning community book Learning by Doing (Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Robert Eaker, Thomas W. Many, Mike Mattos), these PLC videos will help you transform your school or district into a high-performing PLC at Work™ and drive collective teacher efficacy.

Gain professional learning community examples, strategies, tools, and tips for strengthening your PLC. Each video, available on demand, is less than 20 minutes in length to be easily incorporated into your PLC professional development.

Curated to help you strengthen your professional learning community, this playlist includes the following PLC videos:

  • The Foundation of a PLC
  • A Focus on Learning and the Four Essential Questions of a PLC
  • Creating a School Culture That Is Simultaneously Loose and Tight
  • The Culture of an Effective PLC School
  • Clarity at All Levels Requires a Common Vocabulary
  • Highland Elementary’s Journey to Becoming a PLC
  • Sharing Your Mission and Vision with Staff and Students
  • The Mission Statement: The Purpose of Your Purpose
  • Every Aspect of Your School Sends a Message about Your Mission
  • Building Shared Knowledge to Reach Consensus
  • Embedding Collaboration into the Routine Practice of a School
  • Creating Time to Collaborate
  • The Power of Collaboration
  • The Collaboration Process in a PLC
  • Seven Stages of Teacher Collaboration
  • Collaborative Teams Are Designed to Produce Results
  • A Results-Driven Culture
  • Evidence of Student Learning
  • Moving from Anxiety about Sharing Student Data to the Rewards of Sharing the Data
  • The Importance of Assessment within the Four Critical Questions
  • A Focus on Learning and the Four Essential Questions of a PLC
  • Is Student Learning Non-Negotiable in Your School?
  • A Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum
  • How Do We Decide Our Essential Standards?
  • Nothing Trumps Learning
  • Understanding the Common Formative Assessment Process
  • Common Formative Assessments: The Key to Improving Schools
  • Common Formative Assessments: A Powerful Tool for Teacher Collaboration
  • Tackling Resistance to Common Formative Assessments
  • Assessment Design: Matching Questions to Targets
  • An Inside Look as Teacher Teams Review Assessment Data
  • One School’s Plan for Scheduling Intervention and Enrichment
  • Grouping Teachers and Students Into Intervention Blocks
  • The First Essential Element of a Systematic Process of Interventions
  • How to Guide Your Interventions
  • System of Interventions: Learn by Doing
  • Plan and Celebrate Small Wins
  • Creating the Perception That We’re Making Progress
  • Reflecting on Our Practices and Celebrating Our Accomplishments
  • Responding Tactfully to Resistors
  • Keys to Responding to Resistors
  • Running Towards Your Resistors
  • Dealing With Conflict in a PLC

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