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  1. Eileen Depka

    Eileen Depka

    Assessment Mathematics Response to Intervention

    Eileen Depka, PhD, has a background in assessment, common assessment design, rubric development, standards-based assessment, question design, classroom questioning practices, positive practices in grading and reporting, and the implementation of standards-based grading and reporting.

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  2. Melissa Dickson

    Melissa Dickson

    Assessment Differentiated Instruction Leadership

    Melissa Dickson is an author and educational consultant with more than 20 years of experience. She provides professional development for literacy, instruction, differentiation, and formative assessment to elementary, middle, and high school educators.

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  3. Nicole Dimich

    Nicole Dimich

    Assessment Student Engagement

    Nicole Dimich works with elementary and secondary educators in presentations, trainings, and consultations that address today’s most critical issues all in the spirit of facilitating improved support of student learning.

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  4. Cassandra Erkens

    Cassandra Erkens

    Assessment Leadership Teams

    Cassandra Erkens is a presenter, facilitator, coach, trainer of trainers, keynote speaker, author, and above all, a teacher. She presents nationally and internationally on assessment, instruction, school improvement, and professional learning communities.

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  5. Angela Freese

    Angela Freese


    Angela Freese is an author and speaker with expertise in assessment, leadership, system improvement, and strategic planning. Most recently, Angela served as a director of research, assessment, and accountability, as well as a director of learning analytics and systems improvements for school districts in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

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  6. Troy Gobble

    Troy Gobble

    Assessment Competency-Based Learning

    Troy Gobble is principal of Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Illinois. He previously served as assistant principal for teaching and learning at Stevenson.

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  7. Thomas R. Guskey

    Thomas R. Guskey


    Thomas R. Guskey, PhD, is senior research scholar at the University of Louisville and professor emeritus in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky. A graduate of the University of Chicago, he began his career in education as a middle school teacher and later served as a school administrator in the Chicago Public Schools.

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  8. Tammy Heflebower

    Tammy Heflebower

    Assessment Classroom Management & Behavior Instruction School Improvement Student Engagement

    Tammy Heflebower, EdD, is a highly sought-after school leader and consultant with vast experience in urban, rural, and suburban districts throughout the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Australia.

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  9. Tom Hierck

    Tom Hierck

    Assessment Classroom Management & Behavior Leadership

    Tom Hierck has been an educator since 1983 in a career that has spanned all grade levels. He has been a teacher, an administrator, a district leader, a department of education project leader, and an executive director.

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  10. Garnet Hillman

    Garnet Hillman


    Garnet Hillman is an educator, author, presenter, and learner. She has served as an instructional coach at Caruso Middle School and as a Spanish teacher at Lockport Township High School, both in Illinois.

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