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Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is an author with over two decades of experience teaching and leading schools at all levels.

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Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is an author with over two decades of experience teaching and leading schools at all levels. Michael is the author of Enriching the Learning, which focuses on strategies teams can use to extend students’ learning once they have demonstrated proficiency, and Shifting From Me to We, which provides a straightforward guide for establishing a team culture in both districts and schools.

Michael gained experience at the district leadership level as the director of elementary curriculum and Instruction in Scottsdale, Arizona. In that position, he supported the work of the 19 elementary and K–8 schools in the Scottsdale Unified School District.

Prior to coming to Scottsdale, Michael was the principal of Desert View Elementary School (DVES) in Hermiston, Oregon. Under his leadership, DVES produced evidence of increased learning every year for all students and met the challenges of 40 percent growth over four years, a rising EL population, and a dramatic increase in the number of trauma-affected students.

Michael attributes the success of DVES to the total commitment of staff to the three big ideas and the four essential questions of professional learning communities. This commitment has led to a schoolwide transition from “me” to “we”—a fundamental shift in thinking that has made all the difference.

Previously, Michael served as an assistant principal in Prosser, Washington, where he was named the 2010–11 Three Rivers Principal Association Assistant Principal of the Year. In 2011–12, Michael was a finalist for Washington Assistant Principal of the Year.

Michael earned his bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Washington State University and his master’s degree in educational leadership from Azusa Pacific University.

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Presentations by Michael Roberts

  • Changing From “Me” to “We”: Building PLCs From the Ground Up
  • Perfection Is Not Required, Relentlessness Is: Leading School Culture
  • Frontloading EL Students: Setting Them Up for Success
  • Doing Education with Students, NOT to Them: Using Data and Goal Setting to Help Students Push Themselves
  • Gifted Students: Challenging Them Before They Challenge You
  • Building Pillars: Setting a Laserlike School Focus

“Very explicit. Very professional. Very knowledgeable. Kind. I just can’t say enough great things about Mr. Roberts. We are very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to meet him. Learning from him has been amazing.”

Maribel Garcia, ELA interventionist, Roberto & Dr. Francisco Jiménez Elementary School, California