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Compassion as Our Compass

20+ Professional Learning Activities to Nurture Educator Empathy

By: Gloria L. Canada

This book demonstrates how to intentionally teach compassion. It guides teachers, leaders, administrators, counselors and school social workers on how to build strong, supportive relationships with students and each other. With helpful insights and activities, cultivating compassion, empathy, and inclusion can happen for all.

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Format: Paperback

The supportive, empathy-building guide that brings compassion to the forefront of classrooms

Thoughtfully addressing students’ varying needs and perspectives in a meaningful way is challenging. By intentionally incorporating best practices, educators learn to facilitate honest dialogue, cultivate inclusion, build trust, and form a sense of emotional safety for students. Using field-tested, research-backed activities, Gloria L. Canada provides strategies, personal stories, and lessons learned to help educators create a compassionate, empathetic school culture.

This book will help K–12 administrators, teacher leaders, and counselors:

  • Transition the professional learning lessons into lessons or activities educators can use with students
  • Address the importance of building connections with students to foster a sense of trust and safety
  • Examine the various roles educators play and ways they are called on to step up to build student rapport
  • Gain explicit directions and materials lists for facilitating activities that focus on bringing compassion to the forefront
  • Learn the challenges that high-mobility students face and the ways educators can be mindful of and address those unique challenges

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ISBN: 9781958590270

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