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Implement With IMPACT

A Strategic Framework for Leading School and District Initiatives

By: Jenice Pizzuto, Steven Carney

“Building implementation literacy in the field of education supports getting what works to those who need it in an expedited manner,” authors Jenice Pizzuto and Steven Carney write. “To do so is a moral imperative; it is our call to action.” The framework they present in this book gives you the tools to do just that.

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Beat the cost and frustration of implementation gaps with a clear path to systems change success

Learn how to build an implementation team that will bridge the implementation gap and prevent the adopt-and-abandon cycle that often comes with change. Implement With IMPACT provides a framework with distinct stages and human- and learning-centered design elements to help you achieve quick wins and sustainable, scalable results, whether you’re adopting a new curriculum, building a professional learning community, or embarking on any change initiative.

This book will help K–12 educational leadership, staff developers, and change agents:

  • Learn the IMPACT framework and the implementation science behind successfully integrating initiatives
  • Explore the elements of deliberately developmental implementation, as well as other theories and frameworks
  • Utilize road maps, activities, and strategies to select, build, and empower implementation teams through human-centered design
  • Access supportive tools to manage the myriad changes they’ll face along the way

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Product Code: BKG093, EKF638

ISBN: 9781954631571

Published By: Solution Tree

“Education is filled with failed initiatives. Implement With IMPACT presents a clear explanation for why initiatives fail and an easy-to-follow road map for how to make sure they succeed. My district has seen incredible results following this process!”

Fred Bartels, director of school improvement, Klamath Falls City Schools, Oregon

“Finally, a book that breaks down the complexities of implementation science while offering a practical road map for achieving systems-level change! The IMPACT implementation framework and accompanying tools make scaling evidence-based practices attainable. Implement With IMPACT is a must-read for educational leaders, offering invaluable insights as to why improvement and implementation efforts fail and providing actionable strategies for overcoming these challenges.”

Brooke O'Neill, director curriculum & instruction, David Douglas School District, Oregon

Implement With IMPACT is a must-read for any educational leader working toward profound, sustainable change. This guide facilitates entering the work wherever needed based on the unique context and teams involved. These practical steps, founded in strong research, make implementation science accessible for any school system.”

Ingrid L. Colvard, superintendent, Stevenson-Carson School District, Washington

Implement With IMPACT is essential reading for leaders aiming to create lasting change in their schools. Written for practitioners by practitioners, this book offers a practical guide to successfully implement new programs through an empowering and inclusive process. Packed with templates, tools, and protocols, it will quickly become a go-to manual for changemakers striving to enhance their school communities through impactful initiatives.”

Terry McCarthy, implementation consultant and director of humanities, Webster Central School District, New York

“This book is a much-needed addition to the systems change toolkit! The authors combine research on implementation science with the practical tools educators need to ensure successful implementation of any initiative. Implement With IMPACT is a must-read for anyone wanting to ensure effective implementation of school or district initiatives.”

Christine Corbley, executive director of teaching and learning, Washington

“In Implement With IMPACT, Pizzuto and Carney bring the science of implementation to the schoolhouse door. This book’s clear information and practical tools will support school leaders to successfully navigate the complexity of change and achieve sustainable results for students!”

Stephanie A. Stollar, education expert, Ohio

“Change is hard, and successfully implementing change initiatives that will actually have a positive impact requires thoughtful and careful planning. Implement With IMPACT offers educational leaders a thorough guide to the theory and practice of implementation science. This book is full of evidence-based learnings about what successful implementation requires—and it’s even richer because the authors share practice-based evidence from their years of experience working with schools and districts around the world. A great combination of both the 'why' and 'how,' this is a tool that educational leaders will keep close at hand when engaging in any implementation effort.”

Stefani Arzonetti Hite, author of Leading Collective Efficacy; founder of Tigris Solutions

Implement With IMPACT is a timely resource in today's environment of ineffective change implementation. Educators are frustrated with the consistent pendulum swing from one failed initiative to another. This book not only provides insight into the research and evidence of effective change management, but the authors also provide a framework that leaders can use to effectively implement change for the benefit of their students at scale.”

Anthony Muhammad, author and education expert

“Pizzuto and Carney provide the knowledge leaders need to make authentic, meaningful, and lasting change in educational systems as well as the framework and tools to make it happen. Implement With IMPACT is full of free downloadable resources, examples for demystifying the planning and implementation processes, and tools for ongoing systems change and long-lasting impact. This book is a must-have for all leaders in educational systems!”

Sondra M. Stegenga, assistant professor in special education, Utah

Implement With IMPACT is an indispensable guide for educational leaders seeking to drive meaningful change and enhance student learning outcomes. With its practical approach, this book empowers leaders and teams to effectively translate implementation science principles into actionable steps, ensuring the success of district initiatives. Pizzuto and Carney have written a must-read for anyone committed to making a lasting impact in education!”

Victoria Armstrong, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, Dinuba Unified School District, California

“Jenice Pizzuto and Steven Carney’s practical guide charts a path for collaborative work in schools and beyond. For those interested in sustaining innovative educational endeavors, this volume outlines a comprehensive approach that focuses on empowering teams and nurturing long-term change. Few things are as important!”

Paul Reimer, executive director, AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, California

“I love implementation, but I love ‘specificity without imposition’ even more. An ‘I’ (implement) for an ‘I’ (impact) says it all. Pizzuto and Carney provide a powerful framework with six framing factors and four action requirements to guide system success. Implement With IMPACT is a book you can use right away to get success in your own district, full of great ideas for building ownership on the back of early and continuous impact!”

Michael Fullan, professor emeritus, University of Toronto

“Pizzuto and Carney are true masters of the craft of educational systems change. In this book, they provide a clear road map for evidence-based and human-centered school improvement. It’s full of practical guidance and inspiration for aspiring and experienced leaders.”

Kent McIntosh, Philip H. Knight Chair of Special Education, University of Oregon

“An excellent hands on book for all educational leaders and future education professionals around the globe. I can't wait until it is translated to other languages so everyone can have access to it.”

Francisca Infante, academic director, Central University, Chile; board president, Global Implementation Society

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