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Mapping Professional Practice

How to Develop Instructional Frameworks to Support Teacher Growth

By: Heather Bell-Williams, Justin Baeder

Establish clear and effective shared expectations while developing good professional judgment. In this exceptional resource for leaders and administrators, you will find data-backed tools and personal anecdotes to help both your teachers and your students improve.

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Format: Paperback

Your map to developing instructional frameworks to support your teachers’ professional growth

Dive into the complexities and payoffs of implementing solid frameworks for teaching in a way that actually helps both teachers and students improve. Instructional frameworks provide excellent professional guidance to accelerate growth in schools. Using personal anecdotes and data-backed tools, readers will find exceptional resources for school leaders in developing not just “best practice” for instruction but also good professional judgment.

School leaders and administrators will:

  • Focus on defining instructional frameworks
  • Engage with the idea of specificity and the importance of making clear expectations
  • Look at the challenges and importance of exacting the scope and level of detail for your instructional framework
  • See how instructional frameworks, once implemented, function as a path for teacher growth and school improvement
  • Examine organization-wide school improvement initiatives that can be improved by instructional frameworks and expand past the rhetorical and into the active

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Product Code: BKG054

ISBN: 9781954631113

Published By: Solution Tree

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