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Triage Your School

A Physician's Guide to Preventing Teacher Burnout

By: Christopher Jenson

Author Christopher Jenson writes, “Often we’re lulled into believing we’ve fixed a deep-seated issue when all we did was resolve surface-level issues.” This book is your guide for going deep, with five action items to navigate your work demands, next steps for implementation, and tools for classrooms.

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Practical solutions for preventing teacher burnout

Triage Your School offers school leaders insight into why current attempts to resolve educator burnout often fail and provides meaningful solutions. Engage in your work with a new perspective. Apply operational strategies from leading healthcare settings that scale well to school operations and prevent teachers from leaving the profession. When educators triage daily tasks, share workflow across teams, create emotional boundaries, and cultivate other essential skills, the demands of the job will no longer exceed their capacity.

K–12 school administrators and teachers will:

  • Learn why self-care practices alone aren’t solving the educator burnout crisis
  • Focus on five action items that mitigate the driving forces behind most cases of teacher burnout
  • Reconnect with their passion as educators while creating appropriate boundaries and acknowledging limits
  • Explore and implement a triage process to manage an ever-expanding workflow
  • Be guided with next steps and receive tools to implement in classrooms
  • Be prepared to acknowledge and respond to serious challenges, like the youth mental health crisis, which requires intentional care

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Product Code: BKG137

ISBN: 9781958590454

Published By: Solution Tree

“This book’s approach to addressing burnout is a refreshing step-by-step plan to help retain staff who are rapidly losing hope in a profession they once loved. The author offers much-needed validation, a clear explanation of why all of this other stuff has been but a mere bandage, and actionable steps that can address the true issues.”

Kristi Dixon, school counselor, Blue Valley Southwest, Kansas

“Christopher Jenson draws a compelling analogy between the professions of healthcare and education. His work goes beyond diagnosis; it provides a resource for a healthier, more resilient education system.”

Arlene Salyards, professional development coordinator, Colorado Association of School Executives, Colorado

“Jenson brings hands-on examples to address the current exodus in public education. I highly recommend that all educators pick up this book and use it to improve the climate in their school community. This is a must-read for all, especially administrators.”

Josh Tovar, principal, Memorial Pathway Academy, Texas