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Energize Your Teams

Powerful Tools for Coaching Collaborative Teams in PLCs at Work®

By: Thomas W. Many, Michael J. Maffoni, Susan K. Sparks, Tesha Ferriby Thomas

Collaborative teacher teams are the engine of a PLC. This ultimate "grab and grow" guide for school leadership and instructional coaches outlines how to help your PLC get better faster. Understand effective coaching methods, promote collaborative learning, and inspire teacher teams to work in cycles of continuous improvement to ensure high levels of learning.

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A comprehensive guide for leading collaborative teams to reach their full potential

Help your teams get better faster. Written for busy school leaders, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders, this ultimate “grab and grow” guide details how to bridge the gap between learning and doing at every stage of the PLC journey. Rely on the book’s ample professional development activities to empower teacher teams to enhance their skills, grow together, and collectively focus on what’s working and what’s next.

  • Understand every aspect of a professional learning community and how collaborative teams and school leadership play a role in them.
  • This resource includes 23 different professional development modules with corresponding articles that coaches can use to support teams' job embedded, "just-in-time" learning on PLCs.
  • Explore the different levels on the PLC continuum.
  • Learn a proven, effective coaching cycle that will fortify your collaborative team school improvement efforts.
  • Improve team collaboration regarding all aspects of your learning community, including curriculum, assessment, and intervention.
  • Determine the next steps that will help you realize the true potential of your PLC.

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