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Reading and Writing Strategies for the Secondary English Classroom in a PLC at Work®

Edited by: Mark Onuscheck, Jeanne Spiller

By: Daniel M. Argentar, Katherine A. N. Gillies, Maureen M. Rubenstein, Brian R. Wise

Work in collaborative teams to close literacy achievement gaps and improve student skill development across grades 6–12. Utilize evidence-based reading interventions to meet Common Core’s reading, writing, and literacy standards.

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A guide to closing literacy achievement gaps and improving student ELA standards skill development

Close literacy achievement gaps across grades 6–12. Part of the Every Teacher Is a Literacy Teacher series, this resource highlights how English language arts (ELA) educators can work collaboratively to combat literacy concerns and improve student skill development. The authors provide, describe, and give examples of many literacy-based strategies that you can immediately begin integrating into your ELA classroom.

  • Examine the role that professional learning communities (PLCs) play in supporting and advancing the instructional practices of educators through collaborative teamwork.
  • Discover ready-to-use, adaptable strategies to develop students’ prereading, during-reading, and post-reading skills through guided practice.
  • Learn to enhance student writing competencies and create a common literacy language across all disciplines.
  • Study techniques for providing immediate assistance and feedback to students.
  • Receive guidance on designing and implementing assessments.
  • Explore best practices for strengthening team collaboration.

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Product Code: BKF904

ISBN: 9781947604971

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 224

“This book is a tremendous resource for English language arts teams. The text goes beyond strategy identification by outlining steps to implement each strategy and offering invaluable adaptations for tailoring strategies to the needs of diverse learners. I look forward to implementing this resource with my own collaborative team.”

Amanda Edwards-Whatley, English teacher and reading specialist, Uwharrie Charter Academy, North Carolina

“This essential book uses the lens of literacy to focus collaborative teams on their goal of student achievement. Its refreshing and disciplined approach provides valuable guiding questions and conversation starters that promote students’ capacity for comprehension and support their growth in reading and writing.”

Brandon Zenimura, English teacher, Sanger High School, California

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