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Reading and Writing Strategies for the Secondary Mathematics Classroom in a PLC at Work®

Edited by: Mark Onuscheck, Jeanne Spiller

By: Daniel M. Argentar, Katherine A. N. Gillies, Maureen M. Rubenstein, Brian R. Wise

Equip your students with the literacy support they need to think, read, and write like mathematicians. With literacy strategies that form students’ ability to estimate, interpret, reason, and understand cause-and-effect relationships, teachers can prepare students for their future beyond school.

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Format: Paperback

Equip your students with the proper math literacy support they need to think, read, and write

Students need literacy support to think, read, and write in every subject, including math. Part of the Every Teacher Is a Literacy Teacher series; this book emphasizes the importance that the PLC at Work® process has in supporting learners who struggle with literacy. Grades 6–12 teachers will strengthen reading capabilities with practical reading and writing strategies specifically designed for mathematics instruction.

This book will help secondary math teachers:

  • Learn how to incorporate writing instruction into mathematics curriculum and why it’s important
  • Collaborate with their colleagues using end-of-chapter prompts that encourage PLC cooperation
  • Implement immediate intervention strategies for struggling students to shorten learning gaps
  • Strategize their mathematics instruction to effectively address both struggling students and those at proficient levels
  • Implement formative and summative assessments and look at feedback

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