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Healthy Teachers, Happy Classrooms

Twelve Brain-Based Principles to Avoid Burnout, Increase Optimism, and Support Physical Well-Being

By: Marcia L. Tate

Bestselling author Dr. Marcia L. Tate delivers 12 brain-based principles for avoiding teacher burnout and increasing health and wellness for teachers. These research-backed strategies will help you thrive personally and professionally. Each chapter digs into the benefits of these self-care and stress management tips and offers suggestions for bringing the practice to life in your classroom.

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How to beat teacher burnout, manage stress, and increase your health, wellness, and efficacy

Best-selling author Dr. Marcia L. Tate delivers 12 principles proven by brain research to help you thrive. From finding your purpose to weaving laughter into your day to moving your body, each chapter digs into the benefits of one principle, reveals simple ways you can turn the concept into action, and shares suggestions for bringing the practice to life in your classroom.

Avoid teacher burnout with these self-care tips for teachers and other educators:

  • Understand the root causes and symptoms of educator and teacher stress, overwhelm, and burnout.
  • Learn practical strategies proven to help you live better, live longer, and become a better teacher.
  • Integrate wellness principles and coping strategies into your daily life so you feel rejuvenated and ready to serve others.
  • Translate your wellness to the classroom, creating happy, ready-to-learn students.
  • Maintain a lifestyle of happiness and health for long-term success.

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