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Reading and Writing Instruction for PreK Through First-Grade Classrooms in a PLC at Work®

Edited by: Mark Onuscheck, Jeanne Spiller

By: Erica Martin, Lisa May

Prepare your collaborative PLC team to fully support and encourage literacy development in preK through first grade. Foster early literacy and vocabulary with insightful reading and writing strategies that boost student engagement.

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Format: Paperback

A practical resource for early literacy development and student engagement in a PLC at Work®

Building a solid literacy foundation is of paramount importance during a learner’s early school years. Closely aligned to the PLC at Work® process, this practical resource outlines how collaborative teams can fully support and encourage literacy development in preK through first grade. Readers will discover a variety of tools and strategies to design standards-aligned instruction, develop quality assessments, provide timely interventions, and more.

  • Understand the role PLCs and collaborative teams play in literacy development.
  • Obtain strategies and tools, such as the Pre-Unit Protocol, for unpacking and clarifying literacy standards.
  • Explore adaptable strategies and learn how to plan high-quality literacy instruction.
  • Observe how to collaboratively score assessments and conduct effective data inquiry and analysis.
  • Study the powerful impact literacy has on student engagement and equity.

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Product Code: BKF901

ISBN: 9781947604919

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 320

“This book is a great professional development resource. Teachers will love its clarity, action steps, and discussion prompts throughout the book. The authors have captured the essence of what makes professional learning communities so powerful and have outlined the process so well to make it easy for others to adopt.”

Susan B. Neuman, professor of childhood education and literacy development, Steinhardt School, New York University

Reading and Writing Instruction for PreK Through First-Grade Classrooms in a PLC at Work® is a thoughtful, comprehensive road map that truly puts students front and center. Whether you are a new or a veteran educator, this book outlines the important conversations needed to ensure every student receives effective, equitable literacy instruction.”

Elizabeth Atack, Nashville early literacy program manager, 2014 Toyota Family Teacher of the Year

“Some good teachers may be born that way, but I suspect most good teachers are made through hard work and dedication. This book tells us how that process might best occur. Why struggle alone when one can harness the collective insights and expertise of a team? Nowhere does this become more obvious than when unpacking the literacy standards that teachers must interpret in order to provide effective literacy instruction to their young learners. Martin and May provide clear and engaging guidance for providing professional learning communities with the necessary wherewithal to do just that. Packed full of procedures, necessary tools, templates, and lively examples from their own experiences, the authors have laid out a systematic approach to identifying priority standards, generating learning progressions to build incremental steps to the standards, and devising summative and formative assessment techniques to help determine how and when young students are meeting their literacy learning goals.”

Alison Bailey, professor of human development and psychology, Department of Education, UCLA

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