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Time for Change Portable Event Package

Virtual Event | October 2, 2020–December 31, 2021
USD $289.00
  • Participants have full access to sessions for 30 days after activation.

Time for Change Portable Event Package

Becoming an agent of change is more important today than ever before because the stakes for students are higher than they have ever been. In our Time for Change Portable Event Package, Anthony Muhammad and Luis Cruz provide school leaders with the necessary tools to bring out the best in both faculty and students to create an environment where parents are pleased to send their children to school.

Learn at your own pace as you dive deep into four distinctive leadership behaviors proven to promote positive change: communication, trust-building, professional capacity, and universal accountability. You will also examine the research that supports these behaviors, as well as engage in exercises carefully designed to build your capacity as a leader. Get started today and become equipped with the skills and knowledge to lead effective change, address staff resistance, and create a student-centered culture committed to high levels of learning for all students.

This virtual event experience includes 30-day access to four targeted sessions.

Attendees will:

  • Discover how to generate a culture of accountability in your school or district
  • Learn how to recruit, develop, and retain professional talent
  • Strengthen staff commitment and enthusiasm for school improvement
  • Consider how to build trust with discouraged or demotivated staff members
  • Examine the origins of logical and illogical resistance in schools
  • Gain strategies for overcoming resistance to change initiatives
  • Identify ways to provide professional support to struggling team members

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