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  1. Rosa Isiah

    Rosa Isiah

    School Improvement

    Rosa Isiah, EdD, is the principal of Smith Elementary School in California. Previously, she served as a teacher, bilingual specialist, language arts specialist, assistant principal, and coordinator of federal and state programs.

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  2. Carlos Johnson

    Carlos Johnson

    Family & Community School Improvement

    Carlos Johnson is a professional speaker, trainer, author, and school administrator. For over 15 years, he has consulted, trained, and held seats on public, charter, and private school boards.

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  3. Alexander McNeece

    Alexander McNeece

    School Improvement

    Alexander McNeece is director of instruction and state and federal grants for Garden City School District in Michigan. He is also a children’s book author and award-winning former principal of Douglas Elementary School.

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  4. Anthony Muhammad

    Anthony Muhammad

    Leadership School Improvement Teams

    Anthony Muhammad, PhD, is a much sought-after consultant. A practitioner for nearly 20 years, he has served as a middle school teacher, assistant principal, and principal, and as a high school principal.

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  5. Malik Muhammad

    Malik Muhammad

    School Improvement

    Malik Muhammad is a consultant, speaker, and instructional specialist with 20 years of experience in public, charter, private, and homeschool education. He has served as a classroom teacher, instructional coach, dean of instruction, and assistant principal.

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  6. Maria Nielsen

    Maria Nielsen

    Assessment Response to Intervention

    Maria Nielsen, consultant and author, specializes in supporting teachers and administrators in the areas of PLCs, RTI, school culture, curriculum design, the highly engaged classroom, and assessment systems. Her life’s work is to help schools build successful systems to ensure high levels of student learning.

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  7. Robin Noble

    Robin Noble

    Robin Noble is an author, consultant, and presenter with more than 30 years of experience in education. She has served as an elementary school principal, district instructional coach, middle school English teacher, and special education teacher.

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  8. Regina Stephens Owens

    Regina Stephens Owens

    21st Century Skills Technology

    Regina Owens is an internationally recognized presenter and practitioner who specializes in creating a culture of connectivity and collaboration while utilizing systems thinking.

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  9. Geri Parscale

    Geri Parscale

    Curriculum Response to Intervention

    Geri Parscale spent 28 years in education and has worked as a classroom teacher, principal, professional development director, and finally deputy superintendent of Fort Leavenworth Schools, USD 207. Her mode of operation was always the same: learning for all kids.

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  10. Karen Power

    Karen Power

    Assessment Leadership

    Karen Power is a consultant and a former teacher, principal, superintendent, and senior advisor for professional learning and leadership. Karen has implemented the PLC process both as a principal and as a superintendent, and for several years, she has supported collaborative, school improvement work to meet the needs of students. Karen is also the coauthor of Leading With Intention: 8 Areas for Reflection and Planning in Your PLC at Work.

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