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  1. Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    Best Practices for Enhancing Student Achievement

    By: Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker

    This classic resource offers practical information about transforming schools into learning-focused, results-oriented PLCs. Learn research-based recommendations for implementing PLC at Work concepts.



  2. Discipline With Dignity for Challenging Youth

    Discipline With Dignity for Challenging Youth

    By: Allen N. Mendler, Richard L. Curwin

    Create positive change in your most challenging students with the help of proven, practical strategies found in this resource.

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  3. Reclaiming Our Prodigal Sons and Daughters

    Reclaiming Our Prodigal Sons and Daughters

    A Practical Approach for Connecting With Youth in Conflict

    By: Scott J. Larson, Larry K. Brendtro

    Explore this penetrating portrayal of the rootlessness of many of todays youth, and gain a powerful four-step plan for reaching them.



  4. Motivating Students Who Don't Care

    Motivating Students Who Don't Care

    Successful Techniques for Educators

    By: Allen N. Mendler

    Spark enthusiasm in your classroom with proven strategies and effective processes to reawaken motivation in students who aren't prepared, don't care, and won't work.



  5. Teaching Our Children to Think

    Teaching Our Children to Think

    By: John Langrehr

    Help students develop many of the valuable critical and creative thinking skills that have been identified by educators as essential, including questioning, classifying, inferring, and predicting.



  6. Teachers Plan Book Plus #7

    Teachers Plan Book Plus #7

    Reading and Literacy A to Z

    By: Lee Canter

    Improve your students reading and literacy skills with practical guidelines and activities.



  7. Getting Started

    Getting Started

    Reculturing Schools to Become Professional Learning Communities

    By: Robert Eaker, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour

    Define a clear starting point for building a PLC. Readers access a solid conceptual framework and concrete illustrations of how successful PLCs function.



  8. Through New Eyes

    Through New Eyes

    Examining the Culture of Your School

    By: Richard DuFour

    Perfect for a four-hour training session, this engaging video explores the differences between a traditional school and a professional learning community from a student۪s perspective.



  9. Teaching Self-Control

    Teaching Self-Control

    A Curriculum for Responsible Behavior

    By: Martin Henley

    Use the same skills you bring to teaching mathematics, reading, and science to incorporate this social skills curriculum that builds self-control.



  10. Record Book Plus

    Record Book Plus

    By: Lee Canter

    Record Book Plus includes open-ended and traditional grading sheets, behavior-management documentation sheets, and parent communication resources with helpful tips and guidelines.



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