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  1. HEART! Mini-Course

    HEART! Mini-Course

    Featuring: Timothy D. Kanold, Mike Mattos, Sharon V. Kramer, Eric Twadell

    Rely on a series of expert-led videos and short quizzes to help you deepen your connection to your work and make a lasting impact on colleagues and students.


  2. Transforming School Culture Mini-Course

    Transforming School Culture Mini-Course

    Featuring: Anthony Muhammad, Tim Brown, Luis F. Cruz, Richard DuFour

    Rely on a series of expert-led videos and short quizzes to prepare you to overcome staff division and embrace the behaviors that lead to a healthy, positive culture.


  3. Grant Writing for Educators

    Grant Writing for Educators

    Practical Strategies for Teachers, Administrators, and Staff

    By: Beverly A. Browning

    Write grant proposals that get results with the help of this concise resource, which details how to find more money for your school or district.



  4. Harbors of Hope

    Harbors of Hope

    The Planning for School and Student Success Process

    By: Wayne Hulley, Linda Dier

    Foreword by: Lawrence W. Lezotte

    Use the power of purpose to align staff efforts, implement high-yield strategies to enhance student performance, and much more!



  5. The Power of SMART Goals

    The Power of SMART Goals

    Using Goals to Improve Student Learning

    By: Jan O'Neill, Anne E. Conzemius

    With: Carol Commodore, Carol Pulsfus

    This easy-to-read guide will help your staff set effective goals that are Strategic and Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-based, and Time-bound. That's SMART!



  6. The Kids Left Behind

    The Kids Left Behind

    Catching Up the Underachieving Children of Poverty

    By: Robert D. Barr, William H. Parrett

    Foreword by: Kati Haycock

    Successfully reach and teach the underachieving children of poverty with the help of this comprehensive resource.



  7. Total Instructional Alignment

    Total Instructional Alignment

    From Standards to Student Success

    By: Lisa Carter

    Foreword by: Lawrence W. Lezotte

    Replace an antiquated education system with a flexible, proactive one that ensures learning for all by focusing on three important domains of the alignment process.



  8. Five Big Ideas

    Five Big Ideas

    Leading Total Instructional Alignment

    By: Lisa Carter

    Focus on these foundational ideas to simplify decision making, eliminate distractions, and intensify efforts to promote effective teaching and learning.

    Regular Price: USD$24.95

    Special Price: USD$5.00


  9. Change Wars

    Change Wars

    Edited by: Andy Hargreaves, Michael Fullan

    Contributors: Sir Michael Barber, Linda Darling-Hammond, Richard Elmore, Michael Fullan, Andy Hargreaves, Jonathan Jansen, Ben Levin, Pedro Noguera, Douglas Reeves, Andreas Schleicher, Dennis Shirley, James Spillane, Marc Tucker

    What can organizations do to create profound, enduring changes? International experts prove successful change can be a realistic goal and then explore constructive alternatives to traditional change strategies.

    Regular Price: USD$37.95

    Special Price: USD$10.00


  10. Getting By or Getting Better

    Getting By or Getting Better

    Applying Effective Schools Research to Todays Issues

    By: Wayne Hulley, Linda Dier

    Real stories of exemplary schools offer proof that the seven correlates of effective schools create a powerful framework for school improvement today.



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