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  1. Supporting Beginning Teachers

    Supporting Beginning Teachers

    By: Tina H. Boogren

    Foreword by: Robert J. Marzano

    Discover essential mentoring strategies for giving new teachers the support and professional guidance they need to become expert teachers.


  2. Designing Effective Classroom Management

    Designing Effective Classroom Management

    By: Jason E. Harlacher

    Foreword by: Robert J. Marzano

    With this practical, step-by-step guide, teachers and school administrators will uncover five components that help improve student achievement and decrease classroom problems.



  3. Poor Students, Rich Teaching

    Poor Students, Rich Teaching

    Mindsets for Change

    By: Eric Jensen

    Student poverty and adversity don’t have to prevent student success. Discover practical and data-driven strategies to implement in your classroom to ensure college and career readiness for all students, regardless of socioeconomic status.



  4. Creating and Protecting the Shared Foundation of a Professional Learning Community at Work™

    Creating and Protecting the Shared Foundation of a Professional Learning Community at Work™

    By: Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Mike Mattos, Tim Brown

    This video workshop outlines the four pillars—mission, vision, values, and goals—essential to implement and sustain a successful PLC.



  5. Global Perspectives

    Global Perspectives

    Professional Learning Communities at Work™ in International Schools

    Edited by: Timothy S. Stuart

    Contributors: Paul Buckley, Treena Casey, Anthea Clifton, Joshua Curnett, Darin L. Fahrney, David Hoss, Chip Kimball, Daniel L. Machacek, Tico Oms, Devin R. Pratt, Vicki Rameker-Rogers, Peter Round, Jennifer L. Sparrow, Timothy S. Stuart

    Tailored specifically to international schools, this resource is packed with strategies and techniques for implementing the PLC process.



  6. Activating the Vision

    Activating the Vision

    The Four Keys of Mathematics Leadership

    By: Bill Barnes, Mona Toncheff

    Foreword by: Timothy D. Kanold

    To build a successful mathematics program, mathematics leaders must establish a cohesive vision for teaching and learning and put it into action.



  7. Poor Students, Richer Teaching

    Poor Students, Richer Teaching

    Mindsets That Raise Student Achievement

    By: Eric Jensen

    Discover three new mindsets in this companion to the the best-selling Poor Students, Rich Teaching. Use the included strategies to strengthen student engagement, resilience, and academic optimism in the face of student poverty. With the right mindsets, college and career readiness is possible for all students.



  8. Poor Students, Rich Teaching Bundle

    Poor Students, Rich Teaching Bundle

    By: Eric Jensen

    This bundle examines how poverty affects children across the nation and offers strategies for ensuring all students, regardless of circumstance, are college and career ready.



  9. A Leader’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom

    A Leader’s Guide to Excellence in Every Classroom

    By: John Wink

    Explore the Hierarchy of Instructional Excellence and schoolwide support systems to help education leaders guarantee ultimate teacher success.



  10. (Re)designing Argumentation Writing Units for Grades 5–12

    (Re)designing Argumentation Writing Units for Grades 5–12

    By: Kathy Tuchman Glass

    Discover how to establish engaging argumentation units of instruction that empower students to present and convince others of their position.



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