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Marzano HRT in Arkansas

Continual growth for Arkansas’ teachers

Marzano Resources is working with educators across the state of Arkansas to become certified High Reliability Teachers. The High Reliability Teacher (HRT) program encourages and celebrates teacher effectiveness.

This multileveled certification process recognizes the advancement of a teacher’s pedagogical skills and knowledge in three specific areas:

  • Effective Use of Instructional Strategies
  • Student Learning
  • Valid and Rigorous Feedback

Numerous Arkansas educators are currently working toward Level 1 certification, which involves the foundation and reflection of instructional strategies.

These teachers are receiving key coaching on topics like creating unit lesson plans, implementing student self-actualization projects, and aligning lesson plans to the model of instruction. This coaching, in turn, improves student achievement for Arkansas’ learners.

By participating in the HRT program, Arkansas educators can:

  • Receive detailed feedback regarding their instruction
  • Increase their competence in instructional practice
  • Become a teacher leader
  • Further their understanding of assessment literacy
  • Earn CEUs/PD credit and optional graduate credit