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PLC Schools Celebrations

Celebrating growth in every classroom

At Solution Tree, we know that an educator’s work is more important than ever.

The small and large wins teachers make in their classroom this year will prepare their students for learning next year—a cycle of success that can change lives forever.

Making time to reflect on the lives of students impacted by the Professional Learning Communities at Work® process, as well as the intentional work that educators, administrators, and collaborative teams do every day, strengthens team connections and encourages academic growth.

See how schools and districts across Arkansas have worked to raise student achievement and re-ignite a passion for learning—truly, a cause for celebration.

Kirksey Middle School commits to the success of every student

Rogers, AR (11/01/17)—Kirksey Middle School has been recognized by Solution Tree on a national stage for its sustained success in raising student achievement. The school’s successful implementation of the Professional Learning Communities at Work process was a major contributing factor in the improved achievement of its students. Full press release >>

Ballman Elementary

Congratulations to Ballman Elementary (Fort Smith, AR) for being named a Model PLC by Solution Tree. A key aspect of Ballman’s PLC culture is sharing successes with each other and other schools. Success breeds success and motivates staff to keep doing the right work. Teachers value their collaboration and say they wouldn't do the work for learners any other way because it just makes perfect sense. Learn more >>


Quitman School District

Congratulations to Quitman School District (Quitman, AR) for being named a Model PLC by Solution Tree. With a laser focus on doing the right work, Quitman went from working independently to interdependently in three years. The PLC at Work process has drastically changed the impact Quitman staff have on their schools, students, parents, and community. Learn more >>


Main Street Visual & Performing Arts Magnet School

Congratulations Main Street Visual & Performing Arts Magnet School (Hot Springs, AR) for being named a Model PLC by Solution Tree. Through the PLC process, Main Street has built a collaborative culture where student learning drives every practice, policy, and procedure. Staff are proud of all they have accomplished and are dedicated to continuous improvement each and every year. Learn more >>