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Teacher Efficacy

Set Ascending Direction

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  1. Beyond PLC Lite

    Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning in a Professional Learning Community at Work®

    Designed for teachers and leaders who want to disrupt the status quo, bust out of PLC Lite, and persistently pursue a culture of continuous improvement, this book carries it all. It emphasizes creating a student-centered approach to teaching and learning in a PLC that prioritizes student agency and efficacy.



  2. Christopher Jenson

    Christopher Jenson, MD, is a senior adviser for public health concerns in school districts and educational operations. Dr. Jenson brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, and experiences to his advisory role.


  3. Building Bonds With Learners

    The Teacher-Student Relationship Model

    Create more meaningful teaching experiences using the principles and methodology of the TSR model. Through research and experience, author Patricia Erbe provides a concrete plan educators can use to improve teacher-student relationships and promote better educational outcomes for their students.



  4. Todd Whitaker

    Todd Whitaker, PhD, is a professor at Indiana State University. Recognized as a leading presenter in the fields of education and leadership, his message has resonated with over a million professionals around the world.


  5. Teaching and Leading Educator Wellness Portable Event Package

    November 16 & Tuesday, December 31, 2020

    The Teaching and Leading Educator Wellness Portable Event Package is thoughtfully designed to support a healthy, balanced, and meaningful professional life for all school employees—from teachers, administrators, and support staff to social workers, nurses, and counselors.


  6. Rigor Redefined

    Ten Teaching Habits for Surface, Deep, and Transfer Learning

    Rigorous learning prepares students to face academic challenges and navigate the real world. Gain clear, research-supported guidance to balance the core values of teaching with a both innovative and impactful mindset and discover ways to help students take ownership of their learning and thrive academically.



  7. Healthy Teachers, Happy Classrooms

    Twelve Brain-Based Principles to Avoid Burnout, Increase Optimism, and Support Physical Well-Being

    Bestselling author Dr. Marcia L. Tate delivers 12 brain-based principles for avoiding teacher burnout and increasing health and wellness for teachers. These research-backed strategies will help you thrive personally and professionally. Each chapter digs into the benefits of these self-care and stress management tips and offers suggestions for bringing the practice to life in your classroom.



  8. Triage Your School

    A Physician's Guide to Preventing Teacher Burnout

    Author Christopher Jenson writes, “Often we’re lulled into believing we’ve fixed a deep-seated issue when all we did was resolve surface-level issues.” This book is your guide for going deep, with five action items to navigate your work demands, next steps for implementation, and tools for classrooms.