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Trust as the Core of Instructional Leadership

Protocols to Mediate Thinking, Shift Practice, and Improve Student Learning

By: Delia E. Racines

Take the worries and guesswork out of instructional leadership by implementing research-based protocols to build a community of trust and create a collaborative learning environment.

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Your go-to resource for powerful, research-based protocols to support instructional leadership

Be visible and approachable. Unpack necessary conversations with care. Build capacity based on strengths. Author Delia E. Racines offers these powerful protocols and more to support instructional leaders in building a community of trust in which positive change can occur. All current and aspiring instructional leaders ready to work collaboratively to improve teaching and learning will value this book.

Instructional leaders will use this essential guide to:

  • Understand the importance of fostering trust and competence across all relationships within their school
  • Utilize a wide variety of reproducibles for both team building and personal reflection
  • Dive into Educator Spotlights that provide unique perspectives on chapter tools
  • Strategize for effective goal setting and achievement
  • Become more intentionally present as leaders

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Product Code: BKG047, EKF609

ISBN: 9781951075545

Published By: Solution Tree

Trust as the Core of Instructional Leadership is everything I value as a school leader. Placing instructional coaching within our daily interactions offers a skill set for building authentic trust and fostering a dynamic, learner-centered school environment. Delia Racines’s book is the piece that was missing in my work with aspiring school leaders, and it provides concrete practice in the field and aligned self-reflection for deeper adult learning.”

Nichole Walsh, practitioner and professor of educational leadership, Kremen School of Education and Human Development

“Delia Racines’s knowledge, experience, and in-depth research demonstrate that she is a thought leader within the education sector. She delivers comprehensive information brilliantly, articulating systems and strategies that are certain to strengthen communication, inspire trust, and drive change. This book needs to be in the hands of every educator!”

Tim McClure, professional speaker and leadership consultant

“As educational leaders we play many roles, including, but not limited to, instructional leader, listener, communicator, and facilitator. In Trust as the Core of Instructional Leadership, Delia Racines offers solution-oriented leaders key foundations and research-based tools to guide them through five principles of establishing trust to support schools. These principles of trust are essential to shift our thinking of what trust is and how we can successfully build it within our school teams.”

Brian Benevides, principal, Glenmoor Elementary School, Fremont, California

“Shifting practice for the better requires a certain vulnerability. In Trust as the Core of Instructional Leadership, Delia Racines not only invites that vulnerability and gives it a place of value but anchors it to a plethora of resources and ideas for professional reflection, which leads to the development of best practices for student success.”

Liz Henrikson, teacher, Fruita Middle School, Fruita, Colorado