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All Other Duties as Assigned

The Assistant Principal’s Critical Role in Supporting Schools Inside and Out

By: Ryan Donlan

Delve into the extensive scope of responsibilities inherent to being an assistant principal. Grow in your instructional leadership, fortify your adaptive communication skills, and gain strategies to achieve success and happiness.

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A research-informed guide to advancing student success

Explore the wide range of duties inherent in being an assistant principal and gain strategies to achieve success and happiness in this position, whether for a single year or for a career. Written with compassion and accountability and informed by research, this is your complete guide for stepping into your critical role as an opportunity maker striving to foster student success.

Ambitious K–12 assistant principals will:

  • Delve into the role of an assistant principal and the wide variety of duties and responsibilities it encompasses
  • Learn how to develop positive, equitable environments for student learning and educator achievement
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of managerial strategies and compassionate leadership
  • Benefit from the variety of reproducible professional development activities
  • Encourage learning and growth through strong leadership

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Product Code: BKG026, EKF588

ISBN: 9781952812613

Published By: Solution Tree

“In embracing the challenges and realities of our profession, All Other Duties as Assigned offers a comprehensive, relevant, and targeted resource for assistant principals. . . . I have known Ryan Donlan for years and have seen his material firsthand, in action. I hope you experience not only his book, but his trainings. Even more impressive, Ryan knows deeply the research and theory behind what he’s writing, teaching, and doing—his methods build capacity quickly and elevate performance.”

Todd Whitaker, professor of educational leadership, University of Missouri

“Transitioning into the role of school leader is challenging and important work. This wonderful resource is a comprehensive guide for current and aspiring preK–12 assistant principals. All Other Duties as Assigned provides the what and the why in so many key areas of leadership. Ryan Donlan shares numerous practical, ready-to-use strategies that can be implemented immediately with students, families, and staff, and for the reader themselves as they begin or continue the complex and rewarding journey of school leadership.”

Peter Marshall, education consultant and former principal

“The transition period for assistant principals from the classroom to the main office constitutes an important time of growth and socialization often fraught with trial-by-fire experiences. For aspiring leaders, assistant principals experiencing or reflecting on their own trial-by-fire moments, or experienced school leaders looking to grow their leadership or that of their colleagues, All Other Duties as Assigned provides insights that deepen our understanding of the assistant principal role. The topics that Dr. Donlan covers in this book are timely, relevant, and well-researched, and the practical strategies he offers explore the many possibilities that exist for assistant principals who truly have students’ best interests in mind.”

Daniel Peo, assistant principal, Wea Ridge Middle School, Lafayette, Indiana