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Michael Fullan

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  1. On Common Ground

    On Common Ground

    The Power of Professional Learning Communities

    Edited by: Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Rebecca DuFour

    Contributors: Roland Barth, Rebecca DuFour, Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Barbara Eason-Watkins, Michael Fullan, Lawrence W. Lezotte, Douglas Reeves, Jonathon Saphier, Mike Schmoker, Dennis Sparks, Rick Stiggins

    Examine a colorful cross section of educators experiences with PLCs. This collection of insights from practitioners throughout North America highlights the benefits of PLCs.



  2. Change Wars

    Change Wars

    Edited by: Andy Hargreaves, Michael Fullan

    Contributors: Sir Michael Barber, Linda Darling-Hammond, Richard Elmore, Michael Fullan, Andy Hargreaves, Jonathan Jansen, Ben Levin, Pedro Noguera, Douglas Reeves, Andreas Schleicher, Dennis Shirley, James Spillane, Marc Tucker

    What can organizations do to create profound, enduring changes? International experts prove successful change can be a realistic goal and then explore constructive alternatives to traditional change strategies.

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    Special Price: USD$10.00


  3. Aligning School Districts as PLCs

    Aligning School Districts as PLCs

    By: Mark Van Clay, Perry Soldwedel, Thomas W. Many

    Foreword by: Michael Fullan

    This book breaks down the complex process of aligning all levels districtwide in order for a professional learning community to reach its full potential.



  4. Redefining Fair

    Redefining Fair

    How to Plan, Assess, and Grade for Excellence in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

    By: Damian Cooper

    Foreword by: Michael Fullan

    Learn how to implement equitable instruction, assessment, grading, and reporting practices to help diverse 21st century learners reach proficiency.



  5. Cultures Built to Last

    Cultures Built to Last

    Systemic PLCs at Work™

    By: Richard DuFour, Michael Fullan

    Take your professional learning community to the next level! Discover a systemwide approach for re-envisioning your PLC while sustaining growth and continuing momentum.



  6. Deeper Learning

  7. Evaluating and Assessing Tools in the Digital Swamp

    Evaluating and Assessing Tools in the Digital Swamp

    By: Michael Fullan, Katelyn Donnelly

    Explore the Digital Swamp Index, which helps educators wade through digital innovations to uncover tools that truly accelerate student achievement.

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    Special Price: USD$5.00


  8. Leadership


    Key Competencies for Whole-System Change

    By: Lyle Kirtman, Michael Fullan

    Discover seven core leadership competencies for systemic change in schools, districts, and state education systems.



  9. Solutions for Digital Learner–Centered Classrooms series

    Solutions for Digital Learner–Centered Classrooms series

    By: Suzie Boss, Katelyn Donnelly, William M. Ferriter, Michael Fullan, Meg Ormiston, Douglas Reeves, Will Richardson, Ryan L. Schaaf

    With a short, reader-friendly format, these quick reads deliver practical, high-impact 21st century strategies to enhance instruction and heighten student achievement.



  10. The Power of Unstoppable Momentum

    The Power of Unstoppable Momentum

    Key Drivers to Revolutionize Your District

    By: Michael Fullan, Mark A. Edwards

    Explore a simple but powerful process for integrating technology, pedagogy, and deep learning that leads to lasting change.



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